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Singapore Summit to Gather Anti-Corruption Experts in Industry, Government

Anti-corruption enforcement has never been more aggressive or coordinated. In light of this current situation, multinational corporations have continued to emphasize investment in strong anti-corruption compliance programs. In the Asia-Pacific region, jurisdictions have taken strong steps to reinforce their anti-corruption legislative framework by requiring organizations and businesses to comply with internal policies and local regulations.

To address this issue, Duxes will host the 8th Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia Pacific Summit 2020 (ACAP) from June 22-23 in Singapore. The event is designed to help companies adapt to the new anti-corruption environment. The two-day summit will gather government officials and industry leaders to discuss important developments, including anti-corruption enforcement trends, third-party due diligence, and risk management, as well as best practices for compliance, internal communication and internal audits.

The comprehensive, in-depth event will cover influential policies in territories such as Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, and explore the wider relevance of current regulations in the context of global bodies such as the European Union and the World Bank. Special sections of ACAP will focus on topics such as China’s new Anti-Unfair Competition Law, the latest enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in the APAC region, the affect of GDPR privacy laws, and more.

The 8th Anti-Corruption Compliance Asia Pacific Summit 2020 (ACAP) furthers Duxes’ decade-long commitment to assisting companies in combating corruption, and facilitating exchange between private and public sector institutions. ACAP is the leading platform in the region, organized to give participants the most relevant and authoritative insights into this important area of business conduct. Professionals working in compliance, for law and consulting firms, or in related fields, are invited to attend.


  • Grasp the latest Asia-Pacific and global legislation and regulatory trends to improve your corporate compliance strategy
  • Gain perspective on financial and internal auditing to prevent business corruption and conduct internal controls
  • Strengthen internal reporting and establish a culture of integrity through whistleblowing and compliance
  • See how big internet companies achieve anti-corruption ‘encirclement’
  • Gifts, entertainment and hospitality: Best practices for companies operating in high-risk markets
  • Optimize education and training schemes to raise awareness among employees and the public in fighting corruption
  • How GDPR and APAC privacy laws affect anti-corruption compliance

For further information, please contact:
Ms. Cindy CUI
Tel.: + 86 21 5258 8005 Ext. 8253
Email: events@duxes.cn
Website: https://www.duxes-compliancerisk.com/acap/