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Collaborative Law gaining traction in Indiana

The first Collaborative Law training in Indiana  occurred 10 years ago.  The presenters were Stu Webb, the Father of Collaborative Law, and Ron Ousky.  Though Stu started developing the practice of Collaborative Law in the 1980’s and the practice is worldwide, it is only now coming of age in Indiana now.  Indiana attorneys, mental health experts and financial professionals have all been trained in the practice of collaborative law.  It is a paradigm shift for litigators and in my estimation it is the best method of dissolving a marriage.  Many practitioners think of Collaborative Law as a form of ADR and those practitioners who are mediators seem to latch onto this method.  We know that the vast majority of cases that go to mediation are settled, but this method surpasses mediation in client satisfaction and meeting the interests of the parties. 

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