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California: San Francisco seeks local income tax increase

For the last 50 years, California law has prohibited cities, counties, and governmental subdivisions from levying and collecting any income tax on any person, whether or not a California state resident. This puts a strain on these entities in times of fiscal uncertainty, which are upon us now, according to one state assembly member, Phil Ting, who represents San Francisco.

In a December 2016 press release, Ting pointed to a number of threats that jeopardize the state’s fiscal health. These include the uncertainty of the Affordable Care Act, the repeal of which could cost California over $20 billion in federal funds, and a trade war with China, which could cost California 730,000 jobs. In addition, budget shortfalls in jurisdictions that have adopted Sanctuary City policies, like San Francisco, may be exacerbated by a withdrawal of federal funding.

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