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Leading Anti-Corruption Advocates to Meet at Summit in Amsterdam

The International Monetary Fund has estimated that bribery costs the global economy an annual 1.5 to 2 Trillion USD. In the European Union, the economic costs associated with corruption total one percent of its GDP, a figure that nearly equals its annual budget. In developing and developed countries alike, corruption remains a grave social problem, with a negative effect on economic growth and the delivery of government services.

With the goal of combating corruption, Duxes has organized and will host the Anti-Corruption Compliance Europe Summit 2017, on April 26-27 in Amsterdam. The summit will gather more than 150 delegates, representing leading companies, government agencies, and non-profit institutions. During the two-day event, speakers and panelists will discuss important topics at the forefront of anti-corruption compliance, including enforcement trends, relevant legislation, industry-specific corruption, and models for compliance programs, among other issues.

The summit’s first day will feature presentations from government policymakers, analyzing the anti-corruption enforcement environment, and related legislation in their respective jurisdictions. Notably, presenters will discuss the United Kingdom’s Bribery Act, the United States’ Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), anti-corruption enforcement inEurope, and strategies for combating transnational bribery. The last day of the summit will focus on the corporate perspective of anti-corruption compliance. Speakers from prominent multinationals will break down important considerations for designing and implementing an effective compliance program, including the importance of big data for monitoring corruption, the influence of local cultures, internal audits, management strategies, and minimizing third-party risk.

In hosting the Anti-Corruption Compliance Europe Summit 2017, Duxes will continue its Anti-Corruption Event Series, a catalogue of events dating back to 2009, focused on anti-corruption issues around the world. The seven years of exchange and discussion, bringing together leading minds and voices from industry, government, and the non-profit sector, have led to tangible improvements in cooperation, and the global fight against corruption. Professionals involved in anti-corruption compliance, or related work, are invited to attend the summit, and contact Duxes about speaking opportunities.

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