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ILN Firm of the Month – Abe, Wada & Watanabe – Tokyo, Japan!


March/April 2016

The ILN is proud to announce our latest firm of the month, Abe, Wada & Watanabe – Tokyo, Japan!

Abe, Wada & Watanabe is an internationally oriented boutique law firm based in Tokyo, Japan. Their attorneys have considerable experience representing a wide variety of corporate clients, including foreign multinationals in Japan (inbound work) and assisting Japanese companies that do business abroad (outbound work). All of the partners and many of the associates at Abe, Wada & Watanabe have worked in the legal profession overseas and understand the needs of overseas clients.

Abe, Wada & Watanabe’s clientele consists entirely of corporate entities, multinational businesses that lead the automotive, aircraft, strategic consulting, telecommunications, high technology, sporting goods, medical equipment, information services, transportation and the food and entertainment fields. Their practice areas include Intellectual Property, Corporate, Commercial, and Employment Law.

One unique aspect of their firm is that many of the world’s large international law firms, even those with local offices in Japan, seek their advice on transnational negotiations, dispute resolution and litigation in Japan – when the lawyers at the world’s top firms look for advice in Japan, they often turn to them.

With this background, Abe, Wada & Watanabe is uniquely positioned to assist ILN members and their clients in navigating an array of Japanese and international transactional legal matters.

Main Contacts at Abe, Wada & Watanabe and More…

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Wada Nobuhiro
Telephone: (+81) 3-3512-3711
Practice Groups: Corporate & commercial law, employment
ILN Executive Director, Alan Griffiths says…
“As one of the original members of the International Lawyers Network, Abe, Wada & Watanabe have shown an unparalleled commitment to the ILN. We look forward to joining them in Tokyo in a few short weeks for our Asia Pacific Conference, graciously hosted by their firm.”