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A Student’s Perspective – Handling Stress

Managing stress can be particularly challenging during the Course aux stages. Depending on your university, the interviews can fall squarely during midterm exams. The best way to avoid too much stress is to plan ahead of time. Be organized and ask a friend or two to take notes during classes you will inevitably miss during the course, and follow up by actually reading them! Warn your professors that you will miss their class and ask them if there is anything you can do to stay on the ball. Be realistic, if you have a paper to hand in, either complete it in advance or ask for an extension, but don’t pretend that you can work on it and concentrate on preparing for interviews at the same time.

As for the personal stress, try not to let it take over by remaining positive. Of course you are going to be stressed, but remember that this process is just one step of many more bringing you closer to your goal of becoming a lawyer. It can be an exciting time instead of a stressful one. If that doesn’t help, don’t hesitate to lean on your friends and family who have supported you this far; they can be a source of encouragement and a reminder that you are up to the challenge.


Trent Helms – A Civil Law and Common Law graduate from the University of Ottawa, Trent will article in 2016.