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The RSS Student Survival Guide

So you’re planning on applying for an articling position at RSS? You would like to know what a summer with us is like? Here are the ten most important things you need to know:

  1.  Be prepared to pick-up and carry a box of fifteen Les Glaceurs cupcakes in the hot summer heat. They have become and will remain a staple of an RSS student’s diet (FYI, this blogger’s favourite is red velvet).
  2.  Speaking of the hot summer heat, guys, wear an undershirt! Considering how dishevelled I was after sprinting to the Palais de justice in thirty-degree weather, I can speak from experience.
  3. Learn how to use Instagram. Posting pictures of the view from your office is sure to make friends jealous.
  4. On jeans day, wear jeans!  No lawyer will look down on you for wearing them. It’s for charity.
  5. Get acquainted with the restaurant scene in Old Montreal. Over the course of the summer, you will be called upon to select two venues for Friday lunch. If the meal is no good, you will be blamed.
  6. Learn a few basic words in Italian; we love going to FCO di Fiumicino on Viger street for some pizza and gelato.
  7. When you’re at the Palais de justice, “please” and “thank you” should be the only words you use. Oh, and SMILE!  I repeat. SMILE!
  8. Buy yourself a detailed road map of Québec. It will come in handy when you’re asked to travel to Québec’s other courthouses.
  9. Be extremely nice to the younger lawyers. Their advice and help are invaluable.
  10. Ditto with regards to the rest of the RSS staff.

Gerald Kounadis – Graduated from Université de Montréal and from Bar School, he completed his Juris Doctor at Queen’s University and his stage. He is a lawyer at the firm since November 2014.