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(Français) Entrevue éclair avec Me Vincent Olivier Perreault

Me Vincent Olivier Perreault s’est joint au groupe de litige suite à son stage chez RSS en 2015.


Pourquoi avoir choisi le domaine dans lequel vous pratiquez ? Il n’y a jamais eu de doute dans mon esprit que je serais un avocat en litige étant donné mon affection pour la plaidoirie. Quant à savoir pourquoi j’ai choisi le département de litige commercial, c’est principalement une question d’affinités avec l’équipe et la possibilité qui m’est donnée d’assister des avocats d’expérience dans la conduite de leurs dossiers tout en pilotant moi-même mes propres dossiers.

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RSS welcomes litigator Ariane Légère-Bordeleau

February 16, 2016 — RSS is pleased to announce that Ariane Légère-Bordeleau has joined the firm’s Insurance Law Practice Group.

With nine years’ experience before the courts, Ariance will be providing excellent representation to the firm’s insurers and insured clients.

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Alexandre Janin obtains a favourable judgment in a product liability case

February 16, 2016 — Alexandre Janin demonstrated his experience with clients in the manufacturing sector by obtaining recently a decision in favour of the manufacturer of asphalt shingles.

The matter started when property owners noticed that some roofing shingles installed when the building was built, less than five years earlier, were swept away or damaged by the wind. They sued the general contractor and roofer, who filed warranty proceedings against our client, the manufacturer of the shingles.

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Two Places to Find Inspiration for Your Blog Content

photo-1417024321782-1375735f8987It’s not always easy to find content inspiration.

We’ve talked about a few different ways you can stay up to date on the hot topics of the day, and find inspiration for your next post, but some days, it will be a struggle and you know that you need to find something to get your creative juices flowing. Earlier today, I was reading a piece on 5 Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration for Your Blog Content. These were pretty far out of the box, and I could just picture the faces of my own lawyers if I tried to suggest any of them find inspiration in a stock photo site for their next post.

But it did get me thinking about two places lawyers CAN find inspiration for their next post – they’re not unexpected, but you will find them legitimate, I promise. 

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Sorry Mark, no “Free Basics” here – says India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (“TRAI”), the Indian regulator for telecom services has on February 8, 2016 effectively said ‘NO’ to operation of “Free Basics” and similar platforms in India. TRAI has proposed the soon to be notified “Prohibition of Discriminatory Tariffs for Data Services Regulations, 2016” (“the Regulations”) along with an Explanatory Memorandum, which without naming, prohibit operation in India of platforms such as “Free Basics”, that may interfere with the principles of “net neutrality”.

“Free Basics”, a platform by Facebook, advocated fervently by its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has faced vehement opposition by net neutrality supporters in India. The social media backlash earlier forced an Indian e-tailing giant Flipkart, to pull out of its participation in “Airtel Zero”, a platform by Airtel, the leading telecom service provider (“TSP”) in India. Zuckerberg also met the Indian Prime Minister in India and abroad, and conducted a Townhall meeting at Facebook Headquarters in San Jose in September 2015. No, there is no official confirmation that they ever discussed “Free Basics”! 

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Staffing Industry Decision in Connecticut

Zachary C. Jackson

Zachary C. Jackson

At the end of January, the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut issued a decision in the matter of Roth Staffing Companies, L.P. v. Thomas Brown, OEM ProStaffing, Inc., OEM of CT, Inc., and David Fernandez (Case No. 3:13cv216).  Much of that opinion is devoted to analyzing the parties’ arguments about whether piercing the corporate veil was appropriate under the circumstances.  However, the opinion also addressed the plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment on its breach of contract claim against former employee Thomas Brown.  The Court previously issued a preliminary injunction holding that Brown’s restrictive covenants (noncompete, nonsolicit, and nondisclosure) were reasonable and enforceable. 

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Amanda R. Anderson Rejoins Lewis Rice

Lewis Rice LLC is pleased to announce that Amanda R. Anderson has rejoined the St. Louis office in the Taxation Department. Mandy has experience in all aspects of tax planning for partnerships and LLCs, corporations, and real estate transactions. She counsels clients with issues concerning mergers and acquisitions, real estate projects, and complex partnership issues. Mandy also advises clients on a range of entity issues and assists with federal income tax treatment of pass-through entities.

In her corporate practice, Mandy represents corporations, nonprofits, financial institutions, and school districts in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, real estate, corporate finance, general corporate law, and corporate governance.

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Zika Virus: What Employers Should Know – Employment Law This Week

The top story on Employment Law This Week is the unfolding Zika virus crisis.

For the fourth time in history, the World Health Organization has declared a global public health emergency, following the spread of the Zika virus throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The disease can have harmful effects on fetuses, and the CDC has warned against travel for pregnant women and their partners. The Zika crisis has important implications for employers. Workers who travel for their jobs may request accommodations, and employers should make them aware of the risks if they aren’t already. Denise Dadika, from Epstein Becker Green, shares some advice for employers.

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Save the Date: the Importance of the Date of First Use in Canadian Trade-mark Applications (for now)

A recent decision of the Canadian Trade-marks Opposition Board, Constellation Brands Québec Inc. c Sociedad Vinícola Miguel Torres, S.A., 2016 TMOB 4 (“Miguel Torres”), serves as a reminder of the importance of stating an accurate and supportable date of first use, when claiming use as a basis for registration in Canada.

In Miguel Torres, the Applicant filed an application to register the trade-mark HEMISFERIO (the “Mark”) for “wines”, claiming use in Canada since at least as early as October 28, 2011.  As one of its grounds of opposition, the Opponent alleged that the Applicant had not used the Mark in Canada as of the claimed date of first use.

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(Français) Témoignage d’un étudiant – La minute de vérité

Une minute. En une minute, les avocates et les avocats qui composent votre panel d’entrevue auront déjà une assez bonne impression de vous pour savoir s’ils vous convoqueront à un second entretien. Soixante maigres secondes, c’est le temps qui vous est imparti pour vous faire valoir, pour manifester la confiance, la crédibilité et la répartie qui sont recherchées chez une nouvelle recrue.

J’exagère à peine. Si ce n’est pas une minute, ce sera quelques-unes, tout au plus. Sans dire que l’ensemble d’une entrevue se résume à ses balbutiements, les échanges initiaux mettent les intervieweurs dans des dispositions – bonnes ou mauvaises – qui influenceront significativement leur évaluation d’un candidat. « Vous n’aurez jamais une deuxième chance de faire une bonne première impression », disait l’auteur américain David Swanson. Et la citation trouve tout son sens dans le contexte d’une entrevue de course aux stages.

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