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New York Ethics Commission’s Proposed Regulation Draws Fire From Public Relations Firms

New York’s leading public ethics authority recently issued an Advisory Opinion expanding the reach of the State’s lobbying laws to public relations consultants. These rules could have far-reaching effects on the public relations industry.

The Advisory Opinion, however, has drawn fire from government officials, journalists and the public relations industry, who believe it raises serious practical questions and First Amendment concerns. For this reason, the new rules appear likely to be challenged in court.

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ILN Today Post

Low Tariff for Solar PV Projects: The Good and the Not So Good

Tariffs for solar power have been falling steadily since 2010 when the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (“JNNSM”) was launched – from the lowest tariff of ₹10.95 per kWh, discovered for photovoltaic (“PV”) projects in batch I of phase I of JNNSM, to ₹7.49 per kWh (being the lowest tariff discovered in reverse auctions based on discounted feed-in tariff) for PV projects in batch II of phase I of JNNSM, to a levelised tariff of ₹5.45 per kWh (₹4.95 per kWh in case benefit of accelerated depreciation is availed) for PV projects selected under reverse auctions based on viability gap funding (“VGF”) under batch I of phase II of JNNSM. 

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DOL’s Fiduciary Rule Takes Final Step – Employment Law This Week

One of the featured stories on Employment Law This Week is the Department of Labor’s proposed fiduciary rule heading to the White House.

The new rule would impose stricter conflict-of-interest rules and fiduciary requirements on advisors working with retirement plans and investors. Critics of the DOL proposal have charged that it would prevent workers who cannot afford highly individualized advice from receiving basic retirement planning services. As with the EEOC, the Department of Labor is making a big regulatory push in Obama’s last year as president. Next on the horizon is the Department’s contentious overtime rule, which will most likely go into effect in July.

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Arbitration Clauses in Employment Handbooks With Contract Disclaimer Are Unenforceable

In a decision that will affect New Jersey employers seeking to arbitrate employees’ claims, the Appellate Division, earlier this month, in Morgan v. Amy E. HatcherRamours Furniture Company, Inc., held that arbitration clauses contained in employee handbooks are unenforceable where the handbook also includes a disclaimer that it does not create a contract.[1]  Accordingly, New Jersey employers whose handbooks currently include arbitration clauses should consider carefully, replacing them with either arbitration clauses in an employment application, and/or with a stand-alone agreement. 

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Five Recent Developments Employers in New York State or City Should Know

Employers of all industries should be aware of the following five recent developments under New York State and New York City employment law.Evan J. Spelfogel

  1. Increased Minimum Wage

Effective December 31, 2015, three separate minimum wage increases took effect across New York State: (i) the nonexempt employee minimum wage increased from $8.75 per hour to $9.00 per hour; (ii) the minimum salary for executive and administrative exemptions increased from $656.25 per week to $675.00 per week; and (iii) the minimum pre tip wage for tipped employees in the hospitality industry increased to $7.50 per hour, with a corresponding reduction in the state’s tip credit to $1.50 per hour (provided that affected employees earn enough gratuities to cover the difference).

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Course aux stages for students outside of Montreal: A Survival Guide

Participating in the Course aux Stages is without a doubt stressful, but doing so from a university outside of Montreal? It’s a whole other game.

To succeed in my Course experience and survive the stress of traveling between Ottawa and Montreal, I had to take special precautions that many of my Montreal-based counterparts never had to do. Follow my advice and you may just survive.

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Five Tax Traps For Foreign Investors

BOSTON—Federal tax laws that apply to nonresident foreign investors are very often quite different—and more onerous—than those applicable to US citizens and foreign residents, writes attorney William F. Griffin Jr. in this EXCLUSIVE commentary.

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EEOC Announces New Employer Pay Data Reporting Requirements

On Friday, January 29, 2016, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced the agency’s intent to require a new obligation for employers with at least 100 employees to submit data on wages earned and hours worked to the agency in annual reports[1]. The intent of the new requirement is to make it easier for the […]

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Superbowl Commercials – The Best of 2016

Picture, if you will, the Staples commercials that aired a few years ago, with the parents sailing through the aisles as they got ready for their kids to go back to school as “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” played jubilantly in the background. For me, that’s what Superbowl commercials are like.

While football is all right (these days, I’d much prefer to watch the Six Nations, where it seems that the men are men), to me, the Superbowl is really about the ads. If a company is going to spend up to $5 million for 30 seconds of ad time (yes, you read that right), then they should really be bringing their A game to the ad game.

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(Français) Témoignage d’un étudiant – L’art de répondre

Vous êtes en pleine entrevue. Le temps est figé. Vous ne pensez à rien d’autre qu’à vos réponses. Et comme vous êtes bien préparé, vous répliquez avec aplomb. Les questions s’enchainent, mais vous semblez inébranlable dans votre confiance. Vous avez, littéralement, réponse à tout.

Jusqu’à ce que l’un de vos intervieweurs vous sorte de votre zone de confort en vous posant une question inusitée. Une question à laquelle vous n’aviez pas réfléchi, voire une question que vous ne vous êtes jamais posée. Vous êtes déconcerté. Vous devez improviser. Une riposte brouillonne pourrait cependant freiner votre élan, casser votre rythme. Vous ne pouvez pas vous le permettre. L’enjeu est trop important. Que faites-vous?

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