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Flash Interview with Barry Shapiro

Barry Shapiro is a partner and a senior member of the firm’s Business law group. He is the son of Joseph Shapiro, one of the founders of RSS in 1921.


Barry Shapiro kindly agreed to participate in our flash interview. We hope that you will find these answers as equally inspiring as their author:

  • Why have you chosen the field of law that you are practicing in? The field of transactional law allows me to work with another attorney or parties to agree upon deal points that are acceptable to both sides.  Generally speaking, there is no winner or loser in the context of the negotiation and conclusion of an agreement which is often the opposite result in litigation.  I am satisfied when my clients’ desires are met which often occurs when there is “give and take” on both sides.
  • What is your greatest pleasure at being a lawyer? Being a lawyer exposes you to situations that teach you a lot about life and what drives and motivates the human being.  It is not just the application of law that is fulfilling but also the possibility of having each side to a transaction or discussion understand the other side’s desires, feelings and goals.
  • What can you contribute to society through your legal experience? Being a lawyer exposes you to critical thinking and meeting all kinds of personalities.  It also involves, in my view, the absolute need to understand what your client and the other party want to achieve.  These are attributes that can be applied outside of the practice of law in contributing to society and the community in various ways, e.g. volunteering for non-profit organizations, making a difference in the lives of others, etc.
  • What are you looking for in a young lawyer? An individual whose education and life experiences have been diverse combining arts, sciences, psychology, economics, accounting, etc.  This individual must have inter-personal skills, a passion to help others and the ability to listen and understand your clients and the opposing side’s point of view.  Someone who is open to suggestions and possibilities and is not firm, immutable and intransigent.
  • What would you bring to a deserted island? Aside from a pair of running shoes to facilitate a lot of walking and  some great food, I would bring an iPad that would allow me to see and hear various art forms, including classical music, ballet, opera as well as theatre.

Thank you Barry for taking the time to share your vision and experience with us .