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A Student’s Perspective – The perfect interview : the elevator, the lobby, the boardroom and the exit

Have you ever wondered when an interview really begins? Well I am of the philosophy that once you press that elevator button, your journey commences. At RSS, that elevator ride, 20 seconds flat, leads you to the 46th floor where you will be warmly welcomed into a black marble lobby with a peripheral view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Montréal. At this very moment, you have to be less focused on what is around you and more focused on your plan de match.

What would happen if you met an interviewer or a colleague of the interviewer(s) in that very elevator? Ironically enough, would you be capable of making an “elevator pitch” ? The clock is ticking, you have 20 seconds…

In other words, are you so prepared that in 20 seconds you can genuinely summarize your interest in the firm, sell yourself or simply captivate someone (interviewers or colleagues) or their co-workers to either want to know more or to convey something specifically about you? This is definitely the goal and that elevator ride whether it is solo or in company should be a reflection of what your twenty minute interview will be like.

We all come from a variety of backgrounds, which can (emphasis on can) lead to interesting conversations. However, how do you project such an air that people desire to want to know more about your interesting endeavours? How so you may ask?

Setting the tone in two ways is definitely something to consider. People do not literally see the words that come out of your mouth? They hear them and they see you! In that regard, your tone and presentation is quintessential. As you walk through those elevator doors, suited up, in fashion of course, a good posture, a nice tone, a bright smile and a firm handshake must ensue. At this stage, your presence is building and at the same time so is your confidence. With more confidence, comes less stress and when you move from the lobby with a fruitful conversation with RSS students and stagiaires to the boardroom, the next stage progresses that much more smoothly. And with such a transition arises an abundance of opportunities.

Tasy Bacolias, nice to meet you (or equivalent), use your name, since there will be over 75 names to remember and match up to a profile. Making that process easier for recruiters or for whomever is definitely a plus. It is a great way of conducting business! Figuratively speaking, we are all a product, branding yourself by way of association (whatever it may be) can only help you in such a competitive process where people all seem to have the same end goal. Your marketability, well you know yourself best, would you hire yourself and why?

My “Elevator pitch”, on your exit, you should feel that you wouldn’t have to redo that same interview regardless of the outcome, hence making sure every second counted!

tasy_bacolias_5211_carre-464x464Tasy Bacolias – Having graduated from Civil Law and currently doing his Common Law degree at the University of Ottawa, Tasy has worked two summers at RSS.