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Peterka & Partners CEE Newsletter, January 2016

Extension of investment support in the Czech Republic – amendment on investment incentives On May 1, 2015, an amendment regarding investment incentives came into effect. The amendment introduces new types of incentives and at the same time removes the current limitations in the Act on Investment Incentives and connected acts. Under the Act on Investment Incentives, investors who make or expand their investments in the Czech Republic may gain support in the form of investment incentives. The supported areas currently include the manufacturing industry, technology centres and centres of strategic services. For centres of strategic services the support is also extended to data centres and customer-support centres (call centres). In addition, the government determined through a resolution that industrial zones are to be provided with more attractive investment incentives – increased financial support for new jobs or completely new incentives such as an exemption from property tax for five years. The amendment also significantly reduced the required minimum number of newly-created jobs in activities with high added value.

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