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Healthcare and Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert: OCR strikes again with 3 recent HIPAA settlements

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) is showing signs of becoming increasingly aggressive in enforcing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), with the recent announcement of three settlements in a 20-day span. Each covered entity was investigated for noncompliance after breach reports were filed with OCR, emphasizing the need for compliance among all covered entities and business associates subject to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.

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Aktindsigt i MRSA-oplysninger

Højesteret afsagde den 22. januar 2016 en kendelse i søgsmålet anlagt af Landbrug & Fødevarer som mandatar for 5 landmænd, der frivilligt og mod tilsagn om anonymitet deltog i en metodetestundersøgelse iværksat af Fødevarestyrelsen tilbage i 2007. Undersøgelsen blev gennemført i perioden fra 2008-2011.

Pressen har efterfølgende begæret aktindsigt i undersøgelsens resultat med henblik på at kunne identificere de besætninger, som ved undersøgelsen blev konstateret smittet med MRSA. Ved hjælp af disse oplysninger kunne pressen uden større anstrengelser herefter fremskaffe oplysningerne om beliggenheden og ejerskabet til disse besætninger – alt med henblik på offentliggørelse.

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Women in the profession: RSS commits to the Justicia Project

January 25, 2016 — RSS is proud to announce that it is now committed to the Justicia Project, an initiative of the Quebec Bar to facilitate the integration of women into the legal profession, especially within private practice firms.

“Joining the Justicia Project was not meant to change RSS’s practice, since that was already sound in the first place”, says Sharon G. Druker, who is the firm’s liaison with the Bar for the Project. “Our firm’s performance on the integration of women is superior to what can be seen in the profession as a whole. Over 40% of our lawyers are now women, and this proportion seems likely to grow.”

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Dinner lecture with Claude-Armand Sheppard

January 25, 2016 — On Friday, January 29, the Jewish Law Students’ Association (JLSA) of the Université de Montréal, in conjunction with the Montréal branch of the Hillel student foundation, will be hosting a dinner lecture featuring Claude-Armand Sheppard, Ad. E.

Mr. Sheppard will be recounting the three acquittals that were pronounced in the Morgentaler affair and the impact of this case on the evolution of human rights in Canada. 

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CW attends 2016 For Children We Care Gala

Larry Yen and Lauren Liang attended the 21st annual For Children We Care Gala on Saturday night at Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. This gala event is organized by BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Chinese-Canadian community. It is well attended by the Chinese business community, and brings together business and community leaders, all in support of BC’s children. Larry Yen is a silver sponsor of the event, and Lauren Liang is a board member of the Chinese-Canadian Planned Gift Committee of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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How to Change Your Name in Scotland

In Scotland, anybody is allowed to change his or her name legally at any time, provided that this is not an attempt to defraud. Changing your name by Deed Poll is relevant in English law only.

Statutory Declarations

Although you can change your name informally in Scotland, some agencies, such as Banks and the Passport Authority may ask for proof to show the connection between your new name and your original name. A Statutory Declaration is a signed document declaring that, from a stated date, an individual has been using the new name. It must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public or local Registrar. A parent can sign a declaration on behalf of a child under 16 years of age.

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The Magnificent 7- statutory employment changes to look out for in 2016

The start of a new year is always a time for reflection and contemplation of the next 365 days (or 366 days for us in 2016). This represents a good time for those involved in employment law and HR to take stock of some of the key changes to employment expected over the next 12 months. Here is our (non-comprehensive) list of the bigger developments to look out for.

1. The National Living Wage

In July 2015, George Osborne shocked some when he announced the introduction of a National Living Wage in his Budget. As of 1 April 2016, this premium hourly rate will come into effect meaning employers will have to pay their workers aged 25 and over at least £7.20 per hour. Part of the reason the Government opted to take this “top up” approach was the belief that too many employers were only paying staff the minimum wage in the knowledge that income would in effect be supplemented by the state through Income Support, Working Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, etc. The idea of a wage “premium”, as opposed to a simple increase to the minimum wage rates, is to reinforce the notion that employers will now be expected to take greater responsibility in ensuring their workforces are remunerated to allow for a minimum standard of living. 

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Keeping the Peace. Effective Steps to Handle Election Disputes

Condo owners and board members can fight almost anything, so it isn’t surprising they sometimes disagree about election results. The disputes may not reach the level of the “hanging chads: that once snagged a presidential election, but they can be intense. 

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“Pro-voucher group suing Ohio district over list of students,” Dave Movius quoted by Associated Press

A school district is wrongly shielding names and addresses of students from an organization that promotes options to traditional public schools, according to a lawsuit before the Ohio Supreme Court attracting interest from several statewide education groups.

Columbus-based School Choice Ohio says it has long obtained the information through public records requests to districts around Ohio. It then uses the data to alert parents to scholarships — sometimes referred to as vouchers — that poor students and others can use to attend private institutions in the state.

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Ny standardkontrakt om overtagelse af systemvedligeholdelse

Hvis man som myndighed eller virksomhed i sine eksisterende kontrakter har taget højde for at kunne overdrage vedligeholdelse og videreudvikling af allerede erhvervede it-systemer til 3. part, øger man sine muligheder for øget konkurrenceudsættelse og for leverandøruafhængighed.

Ved erhvervelse af en it-service vedrørende vedligeholdelse og videreudvikling af eksisterende systemer kræves en anden kontraktform end en klassisk kontrakt til systemanskaffelser.

DAHL Advokatfirma har i samarbejde med Bird & Bird og Trustworks udviklet en ny standardkontrakt til det danske marked, som adresserer en række af de problemstillinger, myndigheder og virksomheder bør være opmærksomme på i bestræbelserne på at sikre fleksibiliteten og uafhængigheden.

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