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“How to Survive a Merger or Acquisition in Radiology,” Rick Cooper quoted by Diagnostic Imaging

Mergers and acquisitions have been a radiology conversation topic for several years. The number of practices melding hasn’t increased significantly, but it’s a possibility that concerns many.

If you’re facing this decision, industry experts have guidance on when it might be beneficial and what you can expect in 2016.

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Multistate Tax Update — January 28, 2016

State of the State speeches continue

Last week, we provided details of several governors’ State of the State speeches. Other governors have since delivered their addresses, which we summarize here.

In his sixth State of the State speech, Gov. Rick Snyder underscored actions he plans to take to fix the Flint water crisis, along with the condition of Detroit Public Schools and Michigan’s economic future.

The governor emphasized that he has already taken steps to solve the water problem, like delivering water, water filters, and water testing kits to residents. 

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IAPD/IPRA Soaring to New Heights conference (Paluzzi/Giszczak)

As the premier state conference for parks and recreation, forest preserves and conservation agencies in Illinois, the IAPD/IPRA Soaring to New Heights conference brings together more than 4,400 professionals and elected officials for three exciting days of quality educational programming, networking and professional development. 

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Beskatning af fri bil i flere år pga. én dags brug

Bare én dags privat brug af fri bil kan udløse beskatning over flere år, viser byretsdom.

Fri bil er et frynsegode, der typisk aftales mellem en arbejdsgiver og en arbejdstager. Hvis det aftales, at arbejdstageren har fri bil, bliver arbejdstageren naturligvis beskattet heraf. I de situationer, hvor man indgår en sådan aftale med ”åbne øjne”, er der ikke overraskelser herved. Den måde, værdien af den fri bil opgøres, er nogenlunde objektiv.

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Philippe-André Tessier takes part in the Forum québécois sur l’accès à la justice civile et familiale

January 27, 2016 — Earlier this week, the Forum québécois sur l’accès à la justice civile et familiale issued a statement of principle expressing its commitment to the promotion of initiatives and projects to facilitate access to justice.

Presided by Élizabeth Corte, Chief Judge of the Court of Quebec, the Forum is comprised of some twenty individuals and organizations from Quebec’s legal community who pool their efforts and resources to improve access to justice in civil and family matters.

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(Français) Entrevue éclair avec Me Benjamin Prud’homme

Me Benjamin Prud’homme s’est joint au Groupe de droit de la famille de RSS après y avoir fait son stage et y avoir travaillé comme étudiant pendant deux étés. Il complète une maîtrise en droit tout en poursuivant sa carrière et en s’impliquant socialement.


Il s’est volontiers prêté au jeu de l’entrevue éclair.

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The NRF Urges D.C. to Toss Scheduling Law – Employment Law This Week

Employment Law This Week – Epstein Becker Green’s new video program – has a story about an effort to unite retailers against a restrictive scheduling law in Washington, D.C.

The National Retail Federation issued a letter urging the city council in D.C. to abandon new scheduling legislation for retailers and restaurants. The proposed law would require businesses to post schedules three weeks in advance, with heavy penalties if they make any changes to the posted schedule. The NRF argues that this legislation removes the benefit of flexibility for employees, and that it places businesses at a competitive disadvantage against similar companies in surrounding states.

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New DOJ/DOL Initiative Criminalizes Worker Safety Violations – Employment Law This Week

One of the featured stories on Employment Law This Week – Epstein Becker Green’s new video program – is that in a year when OSHA penalties are already set to increase, a new enforcement initiative is putting pressure on companies to make sure they’re compliant.

The Department of Justice and the Department of Labor have teamed up to encourage federal prosecutors to pursue OSHA and other worker safety violations as environmental crimes. These crimes can be charged as felonies, while OSHA violations are considered misdemeanors. The initiative will facilitate the sharing of information and files between the DOJ and DOL to pursue criminal actions.

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The SEC Awards $700,000 to External Whistleblower – Employment Law This Week

One of the featured stories on Employment Law This Week – Epstein Becker Green’s new video program – is the SEC reminder that their bounty program applies to external whistleblowers.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has awarded $700,000 to a whistleblower who was not employed by the company he exposed. The external whistleblower discovered the issue when he ran a detailed analysis on the company. The agency explained that analysis from “industry experts” is as valuable as insider information. The whistleblower program began after the Dodd-Frank Act was passed and has now yielded $55 million in awards. This latest award raises new questions, including how the SEC will define “industry experts.”

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The Jungle of Advertisement on Social Media

photo-1432298026442-0eabd0a98870Lately social media has drawn a lot of attention in relation to unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices. Most recently, the Danish consumer ombudsman has reported the media bureau MemeCph and the toothpaste producer Unilever for being responsible for hidden advertisement through a Danish pop singer on her Instagram-profile. Furthermore, the consumer ombudsman in 2015 published a guideline for bloggers on surreptitious advertising. 

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