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Fair Pay and Women’s Equality Discussed in Employment Law This Week

The new episode of Employment Law This Week – Epstein Becker Green’s new video program – discusses legislation that affects women in the workplace.

One segment concerns the new amendment to California’s “Fair Pay Act,” which toughens the state’s existing equal pay law. The old law prohibited gender-based pay differentials for employees doing equal work in the same establishment.  The law now requires equal pay for male and female employees who do “similar work” under “similar working conditions.” This means the law may no longer take into account varying cost of living in different areas of the state. Attorney William O. Stein from Epstein Becker Green goes into more detail on the implications of this new amendment. Read more about the Fair Pay Act.

Another segment covers New York’s implementation this month of the “Women’s Equality Act,” which, among other provisions, requires that employers provide accommodations to all pregnant employees, not just those with pregnancy-related disabilities. And in late December, New York City issued an interpretation of the city’s Human Rights Law explaining that employers must use an individual’s preferred pronouns and titles, provide single-sex facilities consistent with an employee’s gender identity, and cannot have any dress code requirements that differ based on gender. Read more about the Women’s Equality Act.

See below to view the episode, plus an extended version of Mr. Stein’s comments.