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“Addiction treatment bonanza: How urine tests rake in millions,” Bruce Reinhart quoted in The Palm Beach Post

Like thousands of other families, when an out-of-state couple last year sent their 23-year-old son to Palm Beach County for addiction treatment, they understood his recovery could be lengthy and pricey.

What they didn’t anticipate was the bill that arrived weeks after he finished treatment: a six-figure tab, not for counseling or medical care, but for the humblest of drug screens — peeing into a cup.

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Another Federal Trade Secret Protection Bill Introduced

In what has become an annual rite, legislators from both sides of the aisle in the U.S. Congress again have proposed a bill seeking to create a private right of action allowing companies to assert civil trade secret misappropriation claims under federal law (which would supplement the existing patchwork of state law remedies).  As we have blogged previously, similar bills were introduced in 2013 and 2014, but despite some progress they were not enacted into law.

Like past legislative efforts, the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2015 would amend the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (which allows prosecutors to bring criminal charges relating to trade secret theft) to empower private companies to bring civil suits to protect their trade secrets.

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Week of July 27, 2015 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

roundupAnother Friday, another roundup!

We have a strong line up of content for you this week, so before you head out for a summer weekend, take a look through these top posts from ILNToday!

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ILN Today Post


Since 2005, the focus of the Italian Bankruptcy Law has moved from liquidation to reorganization of distressed companies through the introduction of new insolvency proceedings, among which reorganization plans and debt restructuring agreements have to be mentioned, with a view to preserving the value of the business and allowing it to possibly make a fresh new start.

Most recently, in August 2012, Law no. 134, conversion of the Law Decree No. 83/2012 so called “ Decree on Development” has been deeply impacted the existing system introducing  several new rules aimed at simplifying the access to proceedings alternative to bankruptcy with an appreciable attempt to fill the regulatory gaps. More…

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Supreme Court Rejects Racial Profiling Claim Against Bombardier

Bombardier Inc. (“Bombardier”), the Montreal based aerospace company, operates two aerospace training centers – one in Montreal and the other in Dallas, Texas – at which pilots are trained on the types of aircraft produced by Bombardier.  Bombardier holds a training certificate from the US Federal Aviation Administration under which it is authorized to provide the necessary training to pilots holding US licenses. 
Almost immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States implemented enhanced security measures.  Such measures included enacting, in November of 2001, the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (the “Act”).  The Act required that any organization (including Bombardier) wishing to provide pilot training to an individual who was not a US citizen, submit the individual’s name to US authorities for security screening:  Screening of Aliens and Other Designated Individuals Seeking Flight Training.  The security training was carried out by the US Department of Justice (“DOJ”) until the end of September 2004.  At that time, the United States passed even stricter security screening requirements and transferred control over screening to the Department of Homeland Security.
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How to Make Sure Visual Storytelling Stays Within the Law

Visual content marketing has been hailed as the future of PR. By many accounts, however, the future is here already: cartoons, memes, infographics, photos and videos are an increasingly large part of public relations and marketing communications, especially within social media. It is no wonder. Countless reports say tweets with images receive are retweeted more than those without, branded Facebook posts receive significantly more engagement when they contain photos and press releases with photographic and video content result in significantly increased page views. More…

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Zero hours contracts: Avoiding the loopholes

Although they have been part of the employment landscape for some time, zero hours contracts became particularly popular during the recent recession, on the basis that they afforded employers access to a pool of workers, but with a financial commitment that was limited to paying only for work actually carried out.

More recently, following the country’s apparent emergence from the recession, the practicality and fairness of such contracts (which have proven particularly popular within the retail sector) has been called into question. More…

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McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies Advisory: This Week in Washington — July 31, 2015

On Wednesday, the House officially called the Senate’s bluff. The lower chamber voted, by a 385 to 34 margin, for a three-month extension of the federal transportation funding, an extension that will buy Congress until the end of October to reach a new deal. After voting for the extension, the House promptly adjourned for the August recess, essentially leaving the Senate no choice but to accept the three-month extension to avoid an interruption in the nation’s infrastructure spending during the busy summer construction season.

Before accepting the House’s short-term extension, however, the Senate passed a six-year, $350 billion long-term transportation bill. The more than 1,000-page bill was passed by a vote of 65 to 34.

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Må man garantere laveste pris?

Garanti til en kunde, om at denne altid får de lavest mulige priser, kan være i strid med konkurrenceloven, fordi det kan fjerne incitamentet til at tilbyde andre kunder/samarbejdspartnere lave priser.
Konkurrencemyndighedernes sager mod hotelbooking-portaler illustrerer denne problemstilling. Markedsføringsloven stiller desuden krav til markedsføringen af prisgarantier.

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The Unconventional Guide to Networking

111HWe’ve talked a lot about networking here at Zen, and covered a lot of the traditional ideas:

  • Use social media to prime your contacts before an event.
  • Don’t skip anything.
  • Don’t hang around with only the people you know.
  • Use the event organizers to help introduce you to people.

And more.

But these are fairly straightforward, right?

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