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ILNQuarterly | First Quarter 2015

First Quarter 2015

Letter from a Director
Steven Huang, Zhong Lun Law Firm

Much has been accomplished recently within the ILN, thanks to the efforts of the Administration and the valuable contributions made by member firms. Relationships among member firms are growing ever stronger, with the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting successfully concluded in Shanghai, China in early March, and the upcoming 27th Annual Meeting to be held in Sicily, Italy in May.

Specialty Groups of the ILN are active and the Corporate Group will soon publish a guide on creating a business entity for most of the jurisdictions that the ILN represents. Other Specialty Groups also arrange for webinars and meetings regularly at specialty legal conferences all over the world.

Visibility of the ILN, both externally and internally, is key to the development of the Network and several new initiatives will be introduced to increase its visibility. Needless to say, as any law firm alliance, ILN faces its own problems and challenges in this fast-changing world economy and legal profession.

I encourage you, one of the 5000+ lawyers within the Network, to make your own contribution to the Network, whether it is an attendance of one of the four ILN meetings every year, an idea or suggestion to the ILN representative in your firm, a brief email or phone call to a colleague in another member firm, or even click to one of the ILN webinars. Working together, with a strong administration team, we can make ILN a true big family that everyone can benefit from.

Coming Up!

Don’t miss these ILN events and webinars coming up next quarter! 

May 4, 2015
ILN IP Specialty Group INTA Lunch
San Diego, California

May 5, 2015
Webinar: How to Use LinkedIn for Client Development with David Ackert

May 28-31, 2015
ILN 27th Annual Meeting hosted by EXP Legal
Taormina, Sicily, Italy

June 9, 2015
Webinar: Effective Client Site Visits with David Ackert

July 14, 2015
Webinar: Building a Powerful Referral Network with David Ackert

ILN Around the World

ILN members recently gathered in Shanghai for the 2015 Asia Pacific Meeting, hosted by Scott Guan, Steven Huang and their partners at Zhong Lun Law Firm. 

Let’s Get Social!             

 Recruitment Jurisdiction of the Quarter

We circulate a monthly “Recruitment Target Jurisdiction of the Month” email, in which we ask the membership to help us to continue to expand our Network by bringing in new firms in open jurisdictions. 

We will select one of the jurisdictions from the emails circulated each quarter to highlight in ILNQuarterly, and ask that you take some time to consider the firms listed below, which we have identified as suitable potential candidates. 

If you have a relationship with a firm on this list, and would be willing to make an introduction to the ILN, please email us and let us know!

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Best & Flanagan
Felhaber Larson

We are also looking for firms in other open jurisdictions. In the US, this includes Arizona, the Carolinas, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada and Pennsylvania. 

Spotlight on the Intellectual Property Group 

The ILN is thrilled to announce that our IntellectualProperty (IP) Specialty Group has launched their collaborative blog, ILN IP Insider, at It is the first blog by an ILN specialty group and brings together IP practitioners from around the world to share their experience and expertise on the latest trends in intellectual property law.

The blog provides a number of benefits including: 

  • The latest legal intellectual property content and news from law firms around the world
  • RSS feeds to deliver highly targeted and specific content directly to your desktop
  • The ability to engage with ILN member authors through blog comments, email, and LinkedIn

Congratulations to our IP Specialty Group and a special thanks to our contributing authors!

News Around the Network…

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Connect with Your Fellow Members!


We highlighted the following firms in the first quarter of this year:
For a full list of ILN member firms, click here  


Making the Most of Your Membership…Quarterly Tip!

Heading to another city on business or pleasure? Don’t just think of it as traveling…think of it as “Travel-ILN!” Meet with the local ILN member there. Contact the ILN Administration for assistance in setting up meetings.

About the International Lawyers Network
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How to make a group gift like Coach Dean Smith’s

Recent media reports state that Dean Smith, coach of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels basketball team, left a gift of $200 to each former letterman player that he coached. One of the players posted a copy of the letter and cheque on Twitter and it went viral.

Occasionally our clients wish to do something similar, for example business owners wanting to leave gifts to employees of their company. Such gifts tend to leave a significant emotional impact regardless of their amount, in part because they are usually unexpected.

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Communicating Conference Attendance Value: Engage

Last week, we started talking about how to get the most value out of a conference or event that you’re attending, and then communicate that value back to those at your office. Preparation before the event is key, but the next piece of the puzzle if about engaging at the conference itself.

This is something that we’ve talked about here at Zen before. in part, it’s about putting into place the preparation that you started before you left for the conference.

Attend all of the Sessions You’ve Identified in Your Review

Prior to the event, you’ve reviewed the agenda and identified the sessions that will have value for you, your firm and your colleagues. Now is the time to not only get to those sessions, but also to stay engaged in them – take notes, live tweet, write blog recaps, ask questions – whatever will keep you most invested in each individual session so that you stay focused on the takeaways is the key here.

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National Minimum Wage Growing by 3%

The national minimum wage is to increase to £6.70 an hour for all workers over 21. The increase represents a 20p increase, the biggest rise in seven years.

The move, which was announced by the government in The Budget is expected to benefit 1.3 million workers, with the 3% rise affecting the lowest paid in the UK. The rise is expected to come into place from October.

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Managing the transition: the impact of Canada’s amended Trade-marks Act on pending trade-mark applications

iStock_000000423466SmallThe recent amendments to Canada’s Trade-marks Act present many interesting opportunities and challenges to brand owners and their counsel.  This article focuses primarily on the impacts for Canadian trademark applications that are pending at the time the amended Act comes into force—that is, applications that have been filed with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) but that have not yet issued to registration.

As a preliminary comment, there is, unfortunately still no clarity about when the amendments to the Act will come into force. When the amending legislation was passed, CIPO initially indicated that the effective date could be as early as late 2014; subsequent projections were revised to mid-to-late 2015. More recent comments from CIPO suggest that mid-2016 is a more realistic timeframe.  The delay is apparently related to the magnitude of the IT changes required, particularly as connected to implementation of the Madrid  Protocol, to which Canada is becoming a party.

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ILN Today Post

Unjust contract protections to extend to small businesses

The Government has announced that it intends to extend legal protections against unfair contract terms to small business.

This initiative may have significant effect on transactions like equipment finance, commercial lending, and other supplies to small businesses.  There is potential for distribution agreements such as broker contracts and financial services distribution agreements to be affected.

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) currently contains provisions to protect consumers from unfair contract terms in standard form contracts. Unfair terms include terms which permit one party but not the other to exercise certain rights, such as the right to renew, vary or terminate the contract. The ACL gives the courts power to declare unfair contract terms void. More…

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ILN Today Post

Compliance in times of uncertainty – dealing with new and missing regulation


One of the key elements of good regulation is to ensure that the regulation is transparent and known to those who it affects and must observe the regulation.  This is the reason why there are procedures in place to ensure that proposed new regulation and changes to regulation are communicated to those affected well in advance to their introduction to allow for proper response to the implementation.

Although the notion that “Ignorance of law is no excuse” does exist, I think that it is accepted by all that reliance on that notion is not advisable and that it is in everyone’s interests for law and regulation to be communicated and understood before it commences.  After all, the aim of law and regulation is not to raise revenue from breaches of unknown law but to secure the aims of the law and regulation by their observance. More…

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Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Alert: Communications sector adopts first-of-its-kind cybersecurity measures

For the first time, the communications industry has critical guidance and recommendations for cybersecurity protection. That’s because a multidisciplinary group formed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) examined the cybersecuity risks to the communications sector and adopted an extensive 415-page report that contains first-of-its-kind cybersecurity measures for the communications industry to follow. This report – “Cybersecurity Rick Management and Best Practices Working Group 4: Final Report” (Report) – was issued on March 18, 2015, by the FCC’s Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC). The Report is expected to be an important tool for other industries looking to implement measures to guard against cybersecurity risks.

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McDonald Hopkins moves to a new home in the Arena District

COLUMBUS, Ohio (March 30, 2015) – McDonald Hopkins LLC has opened its doors in the Arena District, consolidating two offices into one at 250 West Street, Suite 550. The business advisory and advocacy law firm is leasing 9,000 square feet in one of downtown Columbus’ most popular areas.

McDonald Hopkins has been expanding its Columbus presence since merging last year with Welin, O’Shaughnessy + Scheaf, a boutique law firm specializing in construction law, complex business litigation and oil and gas litigation. “We are very excited that our new location enables us to continue our growth in the Columbus market,” said Peter D. Welin, managing member of McDonald Hopkins’ Columbus office.

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You’ve Been Sued: 4 Non-HIPAA Claims in Data Breach Cases

“There is no private right of action under HIPAA.”  This oft-repeated rule is a source of comfort for many health care entities. Of course, patients can file complaints with the Office of Civil Rights or State Attorneys General, but a “HIPAA cause of action” does not exist. So what is the basis for the many […]

The post You’ve Been Sued: 4 Non-HIPAA Claims in Data Breach Cases appeared first on OMW Health Law.

For more information please visit or click on the headline above.

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