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Customs issue new notice linking customs brokers to identity theft

Last Friday (31 October 2014), a new notice issued by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (“Customs”) appeared on the Customs website addressing identity theft issues relating to licensed customs brokers (“LCB”).

The notice, ACBPN No 2014/52 can be found here.

The Notice raises a serious issue of “identity theft” within the Customs Integrated Cargo System (“ICS”).  Customs suggests that some LCBs have allowed “unscrupulous” parties to “piggyback” on the identity and details of legitimate traders without checking that the party is, in fact that legitimate trader.  The intent would be that the person incorrectly claiming the identity of the legitimate trader would not receive the same level of scrutiny of their consignments. More…

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Erki Kergandberg and Elmer Muna comment on charges brought against Liviko in the business daily Äripäev

This spring, the Office of the Prosecutor General brought charges against several retailers and alcohol producer Liviko, accusing them of concluding an agreement with competitors on the increase of the retail prices of certain brands of vodka in 2009. The defence counsel of Liviko, TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE partner Erki Kergandberg noted in court that he understood the charges in grammatical terms but Liviko did not plead guilty. Mr Kergandberg added that the charges brought by the prosecutor were groundless and Liviko had neither concluded any agreement with any competitor nor engaged in concerted practices. The defence attorney for the supermarket chain Selver, TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE senior associate Elmer Muna, said that the charges were vague and there was no evidence. He added that Liviko and Selver as members of the same group were allowed to discuss matters between themselves. “In my opinion the charges are unfounded”, Mr Muna said.

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