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Miller Samuel Movember Update – Week 1


So, one week in and the 6 have become 5. Having decided that he is not manly enough, Edward Laverty has pulled out. The shame…….

The remaining brave souls continue with their endeavours. Photographs after the first 7days are attached. Ryan has gone for the goatee beard look, but really has nothing more than stubble at this stage; Stuart, Charles and Craig are looking fairly ridiculous; only Patrick comes out of this with any credit so far as he manages to carry off a Zorro/Clark Gabel look as we enter the second weekend.

Remember that this is all for a good cause, of course. Please click on the link attached if you wish to donate to Cancer Research.  Cancer is something which affects us all, either directly or indirectly, and every penny helps. It makes no odds which of us you donate to as it is a team effort. We thank you in advance for any donations made.

Surely, by the end of Week 2 we will look better…….

If you would like to support our team taking part in Movember, please simply follow the link here to donate.

We all appreciate your generosity.

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