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Higher Minimum Wages Win at the Polls

By Nancy L. Gunzenhauser

Election Day 2014 proved to be a big win for employees who earn minimum wage.  Several states and cites approved measures to increase the minimum wage.  The city of Oakland, CA established its first ever minimum wage at $12.25/hour, which will go into effect on March 2, 2015.  Over the past few years, many states and cities have passed legislation that will increase minimum wage based on inflation rates, as tied to the Consumer Price Index.  While some states have not yet announced the new minimum wage, they may still see increases in the new year (e.g. Colorado).  Below is a chart with the minimum wage increases that are currently set to begin in 2015.

We may also see an increase in Illinois.  The state ballot had a referendum question asking voters whether they believed the minimum wage should be raised from $8.25/hour to $10/hour by January 1, 2015.  Voters overwhelmingly approved this measure.

Make sure to check back in a few weeks, and we’ll announce if any new minimum wage increases are set to hit your state or city!

*The minimum wage in Seattle will depend on the number of employees in the company and whether the company provides health benefits to its employees.