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Another big week in Australia in the wonderful world of Dumping

As we end of another week of significant developments in the world of the Australian anti dumping and subsidies regime, I thought it would be useful to summarise some of those developments.

Statement of Essential Facts (SEF) issued on the Power Transformer Investigation

After the issue of a preliminary affirmative determination (PAD), the imposition of securities and the grant of four extensions to issue the SEF (a new record) the Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) released SEF 219 yesterday.  Being involved in the Investigation, I can confirm that it is unbelievably complex involving exports from a number of countries and issues such as “when is an export an export” (day of contract or day of shipment), what are “like goods” and “just what is a distribution transformer?” More…

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Standard listings – current trends


A couple of years ago we wrote about Standard listings on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), principally in connection with cash shell or SPAC entities (‘Cash Shells and Standard Listings’). At that time there had been a limited number of such listings, following the deregulation of the UK Listing Authority’s listing regime in April 2010 to allow a broader range of companies (whether overseas or UK companies) to elect to join the Standard segment of the UKLA’s Official List and trade on the Main Market. More….

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New Criminal offence under Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 (19.9.2014)

It is now a criminal offence for an employer to request an employee or potential employee to obtain Garda clearance outlining that person’s criminal record.

The Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 permit individuals to make a data request to An Garda Síochána to obtain details of that person’s own criminal record. In the past, employers have requested employees or potential employees to obtain this Garda clearance and h…

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Swedish lawyer Jan E. Frydman analyzes the background for the on-going negotiations between the EU and the United States to create a transatlantic partnership on trade and investment (Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or “T-TIP”), focusing on the challenge of regulatory convergence.

The purpose of the T-TIP is to reduce or eliminate barriers to trade and investment between the two economies. The idea is by no means new. Already back in 1995, both sides started an effort towards a kind of free trade agreement between the EU and the United States (the New Transatlantic Marketplace, or “NTM”). The reason was as obvious then as it is now: more trade leads to more growth and more jobs, which of course both politicians and the business community on both sides of the Atlantic wished for. A dialogue between political leaders and the business community – the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (”TABD”) – also started to identify the most important barriers to trade and investment and present annual recommendations to the European Commission and the United States Government. Removing unnecessary barriers sounded obvious, but unfortunately it was – and is – not so simple. More…

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McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies Advisory: This Week in Washington — September 19, 2014

Thursday the Senate followed the House and voted to send President Obama a temporary spending bill—known as a Continuing Resolution (CR)—that was coupled with an authorization to arm and train Syrian rebels for combat against the Islamic State.

Senators then followed the House in leaving town so lawmakers could campaign for their seats ahead of the November election.

The Senate voted 78-22, with 12 Republicans and 10 members of the Democratic Caucus voting against the package.

The “no” votes on the bill included some of the chamber’s most liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans.

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Employees & Social Media Use

In the Three D, LLC d/b/a Triple Play Sports Bar and Grille decision issued on August 22, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled against a non-union restaurant based on management terminating employees as the result of the employees’ Facebook postings.  The decision illustrates why both unionized and non-union employers need to be aware of […]

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Advertising Week – Lights, Camera, and Action

It’s hard to overstate what a “thing” Advertising Week has become. Since it was launched in 2004 by the late Ken Kaess, then chairman of the 4As, Matt Schekner, and a team that included Burtch Drake, Ron Berger, and Mike Donahue, the conference of advertisers and advertising professionals now comprises more than two hundred and fifty events and more than one hundred and ninety seminars and workshops over four days. This year’s attendance is expected to exceed 90,000 people.

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Illinois Court Holds That Meal Credit Program Is Valid

Our colleague Jeffrey H. Ruzal recently wrote an article entitled “Illinois Court Holds That Meal Credit Program Is Valid,” which appears in the September 2014 issue of Hospitality Law.

Following is an excerpt:

Providing an employee meal program may be a nice gesture, but requires companies that do so to maintain proper records in case their meal plans are challenged.  An Illinois appellate court recently affirmed a circuit court’s dismissal of plaintiff restaurant worker’s class action claim that defendant restaurant employer took improper deductions from plaintiff’s wages to fund a meal credit program. 

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ILN Member Finds Referral Success with Client Introduction at ILN Annual Meeting

Our latest referral success story starts in Chicago, with the ILN’s 2014 Annual Meeting. As part of our business sessions, our host firm, Arnstein & Lehr, had invited long-time client, Steve Felkowitz, the CEO of Atico International USA, Inc. to participate as the moderator for Bill Daley.

We welcomed Mr. Felkowitz to join us for the opening night’s reception and dinner, which gave him the opportunity to meet a number of ILN members, including Beirne Maynard & Parsons‘ Martin Beirne from Texas. Arnstein & Lehr’s Jeff Shapiro and Whitney Cruz are the national counsel for all product liability litigation in the US involving any of the Atico entities, and Mr. Shapiro was enthusiastic about connecting Mr. Felkowitz with his friends and colleagues in the ILN.

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Multistate Tax Update — September 18, 2014

A foreign corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiary was recently denied a consolidated Kentucky corporation income tax return, as was found in World Acceptance Corporation and World Finance Corporation Kentucky v. Finance and Administration Cabinet Department of Revenue, K13-R-18, Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals (August 29, 2014). In the ruling, it was determined that parent corporation, World Acceptance Corporation, was not in an affiliated group because it had realized a net operating loss and its property, payroll and sales factors were de minimis.

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