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Client Service: How did you Make a Client Happy TODAY?

As I was thinking about client service this morning, I wondered to myself whether there was anything left to discuss that hasn’t already been said. Of course, there’s an old adage that roughly says something about there being no new ideas, just new people discussing them, but even here at Zen, we’ve already talked about things like:

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KAFTA moves towards implementation in 2014

In the last week, there have been a number of significant events in the process towards implementation of the KAFTA with the apparent aim to do all things possible to have implementation commence in 2014.

New KAFTA legislation introduced

The first event was the introduction into Parliament of the 2 Customs Bills required to be passed to implement the “customs aspects” of the KAFTA.  In accordance with previous practice there are 2 Bills, the first Bill being the amendment to the Customs Act 1901 to gives effect to the Rules of Origin in the KAFTA by way of a new Division 1J to Part VIII of the Customs Act..  The second Bill comprises the amendments to the Customs Tariff Act 1995 to implement the KAFTA.  This includes: More…

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FDA Takes a Bold Step Toward Laboratory Developed Test Regulation: How Labs and IVD Manufacturers Should Prepare for the Future

On July 31, 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) announced plans to regulate laboratory developed tests (“LDTs”). In this Client Alert, we explore FDA’s proposed regulatory framework for LDTs and discuss some of the many issues that both laboratories and traditional in vitro diagnostic (“IVD”) manufacturers should address in the months and years to come.

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Week of September 1, 2014 on ILNToday – A Roundup!

Here we are, Friday again, and if you’ve been following along with my HVAC saga, the update is that as of 7pm last night, I have fully working air conditioning! That means that I’m particularly cheerful as I share with you this week’s top posts from ILNToday!

Grab your coffee and jump into reading them!


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Director requirements finalised


Government has released regulations that now confirm details for the new director residency requirements that were imposed into the Companies Act 1993 (“Companies Act”) by the Companies Amendment Act 2014 (“Amendment Act”). More…

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McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies: This Week in Washington — September 5, 2014

Newly minted House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) released a memo this week outlining the House GOP’s agenda for September.

McCarthy writes that, “With a limited number of legislative days before the election, we will have a busy September focused on our vision for prosperity and a government that is accountable to its people.”

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Real Estate Alert: Deadline imminent to challenge your Florida property’s value

If you own real estate in South Florida, time is running out to challenge your property’s market value as set forth in the TRIM Notice of Proposed Property Taxes that you should have received recently (the “TRIM Notice”).

If you believe that the assessed market value for your property as set forth in your TRIM Notice is higher than the actual market value of your property as of this past Jan. 1, you should file a petition with the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) in your applicable county. The VAB settles disputes between a taxpayer and the Property Appraiser. The VAB is completely independent of the Property Appraiser’s office.

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Hvor store ejendomme kan sælges skattefrit?

En bestemt kategori af fast ejendom kan sælges skattefrit efter en bestemmelse i ejendomsavancebeskatningslovens § 8. Den pågældende ejendomskategori er en- og tofamlieshuse og ejerlejligheder, som har tjent til bolig for ejeren eller dennes hustand, og for en- og tofamlieshuses vedkommende, hvor grundarealet er mindre end 1.400 m², eller der ifølge offentlig myndighedsbestemmelse ikke for ejendommen kan udstykkes grund til selvstændig bebyggelse, eller udstykning ifølge erklæring fra told- og skatteforvaltningen vil medføre en væsentlig værdiforringelse af restarealet eller den bestående bebyggelse.

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DC Circuit Will Rehear Halbig

An update from our colleague Stuart Gerson.

As we noted in our various blogs and communications on the subject (HEAL Advisory and HEAL Blog), the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit’s action today, to rehear in December the Halbig case (Halbig v. Burwell, D.C. Cir., No. 14-508 ), challenging  Obamacare subsidies in the federal health exchange, is not unexpected given the current makeup of the Court. This development now makes it more likely that the Supreme Court will not take action on the King cert petition (King v. Burwell, U.S. 4th Circuit , No. 14-1158) until after the DC Circuit decides the Halbig case, which will be argued on December 17th.  The DC Circuit’s likely action (either vacating the panel opinion or overturning it) also will erase the split in the circuits and thus make it less likely that there will be four SCOTUS  Justices who will vote to take the case.

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Teams of the leading business law firms Tark Grunte Sutkiene and Baltic Legal Solutions Lithuania join forces

We are delighted to inform you that the law firm Tark Grunte Sutkiene expands and strengthens its position becoming the leading commercial law firm in the Baltic States, as the team of lawyers from Baltic Legal Solutions Lithuania joins our Vilnius office.

The decision was made taking into account the growing needs of our clients in the dynamic and ever changing business environment. This step will ensure top-level consultations to our clients in Lithuania and abroad.
This is a unique event in the Lithuanian legal services market. It will offer new opportunities for our clients and our legal specializations. 
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