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Two for Tuesdays: Networking Follow-Up

For today’s Two for Tuesdays, I want to look at two tips for following up after a networking event.  Finding the right event, with the right audience, and then meeting the right people are all essential parts to successful networking.  But it doesn’t matter if you meet a handful of great people at an event if you never speak to them again – the key is in the follow up.

Tip One: Ask a Question

This tip comes from a great post on Life Hacker that suggests just that – follow up meeting a new person by asking them a question (which you’ve jotted down on their business card).  The reason is two-fold:

  • First, it shows that you were really concentrating on what they were saying – as long as the question is relevant to them. It sets you apart as a good listener, and shows that you value building the relationship, and not just the number of contacts you have. It’s important to make sure that the question is a genuine one, and not just an excuse to keep talking, or it will likely have the opposite impact on your new relationship. 
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Hobby Lobby Update

An update on Hobby Lobby by our colleague Stuart Gerson.

In the wake of the Hobby Lobby ruling with respect to the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage mandate, the Administration (which already has taken steps to fund contraception for employees affected by their employers’ exemption) is attempting also to deal with the issue by a recently-published DHHS regulation setting forth the procedures that “religious” employers might follow to gain exemption from having to provide contraceptive coverage in their sponsored health plans. The proposed rule covers both religious not-for-profits and closely held religious for-profits.

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Guilty Plea Highlights Cost of Complicity in Trade Secrets Theft

For some time, the media has covered the prosecution of a former Citadel, LLC employee, Yihao Pu, for allegedly stealing Citadel’s trade secrets. The recent guilty plea of another Citadel LLC employee, Sahil Uppal, highlights the potential consequences of complicity in trade secrets theft.

In his plea deal earlier this month, Uppal admitted that he transferred Citadel’s intellectual property (consisting of computer code) to Pu without Citadel’s authorization or approval. Additionally, Uppal admitted that, after he learned that Citadel representatives had confronted Pu about having obtained confidential business information from Citadel, he and a third person removed certain computer equipment from Pu’s apartment to impede the investigation into Pu’s conduct. In the plea deal, Uppal pled guilty to obstruction of justice and faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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ILN Today Post

Protecting Your Data and Minimizing Legal Exposure

Protecting Your Data and Minimizing Legal Exposure – How Some Companies are Mitigating Risks Associated with Cyber Attacks

Interviewer, Samantha McDermott, talked to Litigation Shareholder, Travis Brennan, about the paths some companies are taking to avoid what could amount to costly litigation associated with cyber intrusions. More…

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Women Must Work Until Age 80 to Earn as Much as Men in Their Lifetime

New salary figures released have identified a ‘mid-life pay crisis’ affecting female managers. Women over 40 are currently earning 35% less than men.

In order to earn the same as a male manager over the lifetime of their careers women will need to work 14 years longer – until they are nearly 80 years of age.

The data is published annually by the Chartered Management Institute and salary specialists XpertHR. The figures give a snapshot of widening gender pay innequalities among managers which is affecting professional women the most in the latter half of their working lives.

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Healthcare Alert: Medicare to pay for chronic care management: Forbidden fruit or just what the doctor ordered?

Commencing in January 2015, Medicare will pay qualifying physicians, advanced practice registered nurses, physician assistants, clinical nurse specialists, and certified nurse midwives a chronic care management (CCM) flat (per patient) monthly fee to coordinate care for Medicare beneficiaries who have multiple chronic conditions. This change will expand Medicare payment policy to include management services that have previously been included within the payment for evaluation and management (E/M) visits and so were not previously payable separately.

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23 RSS lawyers included in the 2015 Best Lawyers

RSS is proud to announce that 23 of its lawyers — almost one-third of the firm — will be included in the 2015 edition of the Best Lawyers directory, a major, peer-review-based guide to legal professionals all over the world.

This year, three lawyers are added to the list: Sharon G. Druker, Jean-François Lamoureux and Jean-Pierre Sheppard join a group that reflects the firm’s excellence in several areas of practice:

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Diane Bell named Vancouver’s "Lawyer of the Year" in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Clark Wilson congratulates our lawyer Diane Bell who was named Vancouver’s “Lawyer of the Year” in the area of Alternative Dispute Resolution by Best Lawyers in Canada 2015. Our strength is our people. Learn more.

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The End Zone of Business Development

In less than a week, it will be September 1st. I like to think of September as a brand new start, much like the school year used to be. It’s a chance to begin again and look at your goals and plans with a fresh set of eyes.

I want you to consider these last four months of 2014 as the “end zone” for your business development efforts this year. Yes, business development is an ongoing effort, and it doesn’t end simply because the calendar year wraps up.  But I’ve found that when I have ongoing projects, giving myself firm deadlines to complete them motivates me far more than having some abstract end date. 

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Clark Wilson lawyers listed in Best Lawyers in Canada 2015

Clark Wilson would like to congratulate our lawyers who were selected by their peers for the 9th edition of Best Lawyers in Canada in 2015: Diane Bell, Peter Kenward, Neil Melliship, Alex Petrenko, Bernard Pinsky, Christopher Ramsay, Brock Smith, and Jeffrey Vicq. Our strength is our people. Learn more.

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