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Implications of the New Maharashtra Housing Authority Act – An Analysis

Imagine those days in the era of 70s and 80s where an investment in the real estate property (considering per square feet) was just thrice of a Primier Padmini car. The situation has changed drastically as now the property prices have multiplied into hundred times as before while a Primier Padmini car doesn’t even exist. In India, the real estate sector is once again in the limelight. This is so because the Indian economy is at a very phenomenal stage. There are strong signs of an economic surge with the Sensex, RBI and the impending General Elections acting as contributing factors. In the light of the present scenario, the Maharashtra Housing (Regulation and Development) Act, 2012 comes into the picture. More…

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Speditør havde tilbageholdelsesret

Højesteret fandt, at en speditør, der stod for transport og oplagring af varer for et handelsfirma, havde tilbageholdsret i hele varelageret for sit samlede krav. Speditøren kunne derfor kræve dækning af sit tilgodehavende forud for handelsfirmaets virksomhedspanthaver.

Speditøren havde indgået en aftale med et handelsfirma om transport, lagerdrift og anden logistik. Speditøren sørgede løbende for transport af handelsfirmaets varer fra Østen til Danmark, og når varerne kom til Danmark opbevarede speditøren varerne på sit lager, indtil varerne blev solgt videre. Speditøren forestod dertil “plukning” af varerne fra lageret.

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WESA Summary

Further to Amy’s post below, our Wealth Preservation Group has prepared a summary of the Wills, Estates and Succession Act which provides an overview of some of the key changes that the new legislation will bring. This summary is in the current issue of our newsletter, Your Estate Matters, and is available here.

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NLRB Public Meeting: Kara Maciel to Speak on Ambush Election Rules

Our colleague Kara Maciel will speak on behalf of EBG client, National Grocers Association (“NGA”), at the National Labor Relations Board’s public meeting, scheduled for April 10-11, 2014 regarding the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NPRM”) on the “ambush election” representation procedures.

The panels will address the following topics:

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Be Careful You Don’t Make Your Vendor’s Employees Your Employees

By Michael Kun

You run a supermarket.  You contract with a janitorial company to come in every night to clean the aisles after you close.

You run an ad agency.  You retain a contractor to handle your mailroom.

You run a law firm.  You bring in a company to update the books in your law library.

You run a hotel.  You contract with a van service to shuttle your guests to and from the airport. 

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Clark Wilson names new Managing Partner James Speakman

James Speakman

Clark Wilson LLP is pleased to announce that James Speakman has been appointed Managing Partner of the firm, effective April 1, 2014. James’ career of over 25 years effectively combines legal practice with the business experience earned through 11 years in executive-level leadership positions in BC’s private sector real estate industry.

As Managing Partner, James will focus on Clark Wilson’s strategic priorities: pursuing innovative solutions to clients’ legal and business challenges and developing our team around a shared vision of excellence. He will continue to conduct his practice during his term as Managing Partner.

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Two for Tuesdays: Smart Legal Marketing

As we head into #LMA14 this week, I’m excited that we’ll be revealing the best of the best in legal marketing with our Your Honor Awards (which I was fortunate enough to serve as a judge for this year).

As much as I’d like to reveal the winners (calm down Jill and Marcie, I would never do that!), instead, I thought I’d use this week’s Two for Tuesdays to give you two tips on smart marketing – we really saw some amazing and brilliant submissions this year, and they all had a couple of things in common. 

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SFKS Xi’an Electronic Newspaper Issue One Hundred and Thirty-Two March 2014

Laws and Regulations Updates
I. Measures on Management of Pilot Program for Preference Shares

In order to regulate the issue and transaction of preference shares and protect investors’ legitimate interest, the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) promulgated the Measures on Management of Pilot Program for Preference Shares (the “Measures”) on 21 March 2014. The Measures set out regulations on matters like the types of listed company eligible for the issue of preference shares, the nominal value of preference shares as well as on how to prevent transfer of interests etc. The Measures were announced with immediate effect. More…

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Stanley D. Berger B.C.L.,L.L.B, Certified Specialist Environmental Law

In the continuing saga of the Blanding’s turtle, the Ontario Court of Appeal on March 25, 2014 ONCA 227 granted a stay to the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN). The stay prevents any further work on Ostrander Point Wind Energy Project at least until the motion by the PECFN for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal is determined. Should the Court grant leave to appeal, the stay suspending future work will likely continue until the appeal is finally decided on its merits. More…

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ICD-10, Two-Midnight Rule, RAC Audits, SGR Delayed

The Senate passed this evening the “Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014“, which creates a 12 month delay for pending Medicare cuts pursuant to Medicare’s sustainable growth rate (SGR) payment formula. This bill avoids the 24% Medicare cuts physicians were facing starting on April 1st (this will be the 17th delay of the SGR).  Another […]
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