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Week of January 13, 2014 – A Roundup!

It’s a beautiful day here in south Jersey, with the sun shining! We’ve had a lot of content come through ILNToday this week, so without further ado, here are the top posts from this week!

  • Proposed HIPAA Rule to Enhance Criminal Background Check System from Ogden Murphy Wallace: OMW’s Jefferson Lin discusses a proposed HIPAA rule that will allow certain covered entities to disclose specific information about the mental health of a person subject to a National Instant Criminal Background Check – the purpose of the rule is to aid in keeping guns out of the hands of those who are potentially dangerous. It’s a complicated issue, so worth a further read!
  • Fired Employee Entitled to Both Damages and Full Pension Benefits from Fogler Rubinoff: Blair Bowen looks at the recent case of Richard Waterman, who was terminated after 42 years with IBM, and the resulting judgment. 
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ILN Today Post

Be aware of UK tax laws when inviting in overseas investors

This article was first published in Caterer and Hotelkeeper.

The problem

Any UK hotel operator who wishes to attract overseas investment into their business has two options. They can seek to have the investment by way of straight equity, or a mixture of equity and debt.

If the overseas investment is by way of equity, the overseas investor should not be subject to UK taxes in relation to the dividends arising from his equity holding or any capital gains on disposal of the investment. Though they will need to consider carefully the tax consequences of the jurisdiction in which they are resident. More…

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The Success Of The SDNY Mediation Program

The Mediation Program of the SDNY provides litigants in commercial litigation with an opportunity, generally early in their litigation, to resolve their disputes without going through the expense of full-blown discovery and the uncertainty of trial.

As reflected in the Mediation Program’s recently released Annual Report , individual judges referred 113 cases in general civil litigation (which does not include employment and civil rights claims).  Of that number, a successful resolution in mediation came about in 60% of the cases referred, an increase from 53% in 2012.  Considering the determination with which business disputes are litigated, a 60% successful rate is a remarkable achievement. 

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Miller Samuel offering two legal traineeships in Scotland

We are offering positions for two trainee solicitors to join our law firm based in Glasgow. One of these positions is to start with immediate effect and the other is to commence in Summer 2014.

If you would like to apply, please send your CV and covering email to Previous applicants for traineeships should send a new application if they wish to be considered. Closing date for applications is Friday 31st January 2014.

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On February 11, Davis Malm attorney Paul L. Feldman will present at the “Zoning Practice: MCLE BasicsPlus” seminar. This seminar is designed for the practitioner who needs a solid understanding of zoning, including the basics for both residential and commercial properties, handling issues that arise when special permits or variances are required, dealing with nonconforming uses and structures, and dealing with the Land Court and municipalities. Mr. Feldman will be part of a faculty comprised of experienced real estate experts.

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Ohio Statehouse Update: This Week in Ohio — January 17, 2014

Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald today announced his decision to tap Sharen Neuhardt, a Dayton-area attorney, as his new running mate for the 2014 gubernatorial election. Senator Eric Kearney of Cincinnati was FitzGerald’s first choice, but due to nearly $1 million in unpaid taxes, Kearney decided not to pursue the campaign.

In a message to his supporters, FitzGerald said his decision to choose Neuhardt as his running mate was made in part because of her support for women’s health and his outrage at current legislative efforts to dictate to women what should be private medical decisions. 

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McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies: This Week in Washington — January 17, 2014

The omnibus appropriations bill crafted by Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and Rep. Harold Rogers (R-KY) sailed through both chambers this week. On Wednesday, the House passed the measure, which provides funds for all 12 appropriations bills, by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 359 to 67. On Thursday night, the Senate followed suit, passing the bill by a vote of 72 to 26.

The omnibus appropriations bill passage is a rare moment of bipartisanship in what has become a deeply divided and dysfunctional Washington. Senator Mikulski praised the process, which has given some hope that the parties and the chambers can work together on other issues:

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Youth Marketing: How the Founder & CEO of ShopJeen Builds a Customer Base

It seems youth marketing has always been a hot topic in the advertising world. As young people move from the “discovery” phase of their tween years to the “experimental phase” of young adulthood, they shift from being motivators of their parents’ buying habits to influential consumers in their own right. But today that demographic is extremely important. Not only are today’s young people the first true digital natives and harbingers of how digital media will influence how we all interact with brands, but also, as baby boomers age and their $400 billion in annual consumption slows, retail, food, and entertainment companies are counting on millennials to fill the gap.

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

ACTUALITE-DUPONT-2013 KILIMANJARO-160114We are pleased to announce that from October 9th to 21st, 2013,  Me Catherine Du Pont successfully faced a real challenge: climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, on behalf of the Cancer Research Society (CRS). Each year, the CRS organizes such programs to raise funds to support cancer research. As part of this challenge, Catherine raised more than $14,000 to help the CRS in its fight against this terrible disease. October 17, 2013, after six days of climbing in difficult conditions, Catherine reached the summit of the highest mountain in Africa at 5,895 meters. This is the same courage and perseverance that drives Catherine in her professional work.

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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: You Cannot Do it All

Today, I’m bringing you another great post from Jaimie Field, Esq who advises us that we can’t do it all when it comes to rainmaking tactics.


There are so many marketing and rainmaking tactics which you could use to build a book of business:

  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Creating Referral Systems
  • Entertaining for Business
  • Joining Referral Networks
  • Writing Articles & Blog Posts
  • Presenting Seminars & Public Speaking
  • • Email & Email Newsletters

And this is only a short list. (Stay tuned to the Enlightened Rainmaking Blog for more information on each of those tactics above, plus more, and how to use for business development.)

But you cannot do it all. What happens to most attorneys is that they hear about a specific rainmaking and marketing tactic and try it out. Maybe you went to a seminar or webinar where the host said this is fool-proof. When it fails to produce immediate results, you drop it like it was covered in poo and say: It doesn’t work.

Each one of the above tactics does work for both Marketing and Rainmaking purposes. However, expecting success on the first outing is like expecting to drop 100 lbs in one month. It’s unrealistic (and unhealthy).

My suggestion is for you to pick no more than 2 to 4 tactics and use them consistently. Which ones?

Which ones will you do on a constant and reliable basis? Which ones are you more likely to do the steps that are necessary to be successful with that strategy? Which ones will reach your target market most effectively?

Instead of trying each tactic by throwing it on the wall and seeing what sticks, find a strategy or two you enjoy and then use it on a regular basis. In addition to attracting more clients, you will find that you are less stressed about your Rainmaking activities. Two very big pluses.


Rainmaking Recommendations are sent the first and third Wednesdays of the month. They are bite size tips that when implemented will cause you to make rain. To learn more about Rainmaking, Goal Setting and Achieving the Life you want as an Attorney please contact Jaimie B. Field, Esq. If you have missed any of the previous Rainmaking Recommendations you can find them at The Enlightened Rainmaker Blog.


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