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AIFMD goes live

After years of discussion, consultation and deliberation the controversial EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (the Directive) finally comes into force in the UK today. The Directive’s scope is very wide and will affect the way in which many UK (and other EU and non-EU) managers of alternative investment funds conduct their business, including those who do not necessarily consider themselves to be managers of funds at all.

The Directive regulates managers (known as AIFMs) of alternative investment funds (known as AIFs) rather than AIFs themselves and, with limited exceptions, requires UK AIFMs to seek authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority as well as imposing certain requirements on them relating to the maintenance of capital, insurance, reporting, internal governance and remuneration as well as the appointment of depositories. More…

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McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies Advisory: This Week in Washington — July 26, 2013

After months of hot button issues like immigration reform, global climate change and gay marriage dominating the White House’s agenda, this week President Obama pivoted and turned his attention to jobs and the economy.

In a series of speeches delivered this week, President Obama attempted to paint Republicans as obstructionists and made the case that while the economy was improving – more needs to be done.

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Is Big Brother Tracking Your Actual Footsteps?

In the futuristic world of Minority Report, Tom Cruise’s character walks into a Gap clothing store; his eyes are scanned and a 3D hologram of a saleswoman welcomes him by name and inquires about his satisfaction with his previous Gap purchases.  The movie is set in 2054, but this scene may not be too different from the world we live in today.

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MGRA distinguida com 3 prémios de excelência atribuídos pela Lawyers World: “Corporate Finance Law Firm of the Year in Portugal” “Real Estate Law Firm of the Year in Portugal” “Tax Law Firm of the Year in Portugal”

A Mouteira Guerreiro, Rosa Amaral & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, R.L. foi reconhecida pela Lawyers World na edição 2013 dos Law Awards, nas categorias acima elencadas.
MGRA has been recognized by Lawyers World in the Law Awards 2013 edition, in the above mentioned categories.

Os prémios atribuídos por esta conceituada publicação representam uma importante distinção para a Sociedade, reconhecendo a excelência dos serviços jurídicos prestados pelos seus profissionais aos Clientes.
This represents a great honour and raises MGRA as one of the leading law firms in the Portuguese market. MGRA is grateful both to its Clients and its team of professionals. More…More…

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Revisit Food Allergy Accommodations for Guests and Employees

By Kara M. Maciel and Jordan B. Schwartz

A broadly worded settlement agreement between the U.S. Department of Justice and Lesley University extends the Americans with Disabilities Act’s protections to individuals with severe allergies. This new, expansive interpretation of the term “disability” could increase potential legal exposure to failure to accommodate claims under the ADA, making it more important than ever to ensure that your restaurants and bars are equipped to provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with severe food allergies.

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Recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court and Second Circuit Court of Appeals demonstrate that courts have become increasingly willing to enforce properly drafted arbitration contracts that require employees to waive (i.e., give up) their rights to bring class action lawsuits. These decisions also confirm that companies should pay close attention to how their arbitration contracts with employees are worded to minimize legal risks associated with potential class action litigation. More…

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HOWARD & HOWARD ATTORNEY EVONNE XU NAMED TO LAWYERS OF COLOR’S HOT LIST Early- to Mid-Career Minority Attorneys in the Midwest Region

Royal Oak, Michigan, July 24, 2013:  Lawyers of Color (LOC) recently named 100 early- to mid-career minority attorneys under 40 from the Midwest Region to its inaugural Hot List.  Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC is very pleased to announce that Evonne Xu has been named to this exceptional group.

Quarles & Brady’s Chicago office is hosting a reception and photo shoot for the honorees, who will also be profiled in Lawyers Of Color’s inaugural Hot List Special Issue (July 2013). More…

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Manufacturer fined after worker’s hand trapped in machine

A Stirling insulation manufacturer has been fined for safety failings after a worker suffered injuries to his hand and arm when it became trapped in an unguarded part of a machine.

Scott Robertson was working on a production line where fans drew trimmed edges of mineral wool insulation into ducting and recycled them back into the production process.

On the day of the incident the trimmed edges of wool had become trapped inside the ducting and Mr Robertson became involved in trying to dislodge the blockage.

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Washington Certificate of Need Program Commences Rule Making: Consumer Transparency in Affiliations & Dialysis

The Washington State Certificate of Need Program has announced its commencement of the rule-making process related to hospitals and dialysis.  This action is in response to the directive issued last month by Governor Inslee instructing the CN Program to expedite rule making related to the corporate restructuring, affiliations, acquisitions and mergers occurring in hospitals across […]

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Multistate Tax Update — July 25, 2013

On July 9, 2013, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed House Bill 465 into law. The bill contains a number of significant changes to the Pennsylvania tax code, including:

  • Extension of the franchise tax for two years
  • Imposition of a corporate income tax add back requirement for amounts paid to related entities
  • Adoption of market-based sourcing for sales tax apportionment purposes
  • Extensive changes to the current tax appeals process
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