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Back with two updates

I’m sorry it’s been a while since the last post.  My excuse is that I’ve been heavily tied up in a long trial.  My client is a well known Middle Eastern art collector, but the case was about investments other than art, so there’s nothing relevant to post.

Now I’m back, I can restart with two updates on previous posts.

My post Inspiration and Risk Management, on the fire risk of some installations, proved to be prophetic: one of my followers has pointed out this interesting report: Huffington Post.

There has been a happy outcome for the Henry Moore sculpture outside the Houses of Parliament, which was the subject of my post Res Nullius.   The Art Newspaper reports that “ownership has now been “taken on by the House of Commons”.  I’m not sure how that can work as a matter of law, but let’s not challenge it.  The important thing is that this badly neglected sculpture is to be restored with money from the Parliamentary Art Collection and the Henry Moore Foundation.