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The court decided that information about ZUS was true.

Information about ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) included in articles by Fakt.pl titled “ZUS is going skiing” and “ZUS gives gift coupons to its staff” were true. On 18th January 2013 the Warsaw Court of Appeal changed the statement of the Warsaw Regional Court and dismissed in its entirety the complaint of ZUS against the publisher of Fakt – Ringier Axel Springer Polska sp. z o.o. relating to the  protection of  personal interests.

The Court of Appeal recognized that the appeal of the defendant (Fakt) was reasonable, in contrary to the incorrect opinion of the Regional Court,  because there was neither any untrue information nor any suggestions in the articles. In justification the Court of Appeal pointed out, inter alia, that there was a shocking juxtaposition in the articles (i.e. on one hand the issue of pension reform, and on the other hand the issue of financing holidays from ZUS’s funds and giving gift coupons to ZUS’ employees. The cost of coupons is covered by taxpayers from their salaries.). The Court stated that it is the role of the press to initiate discussions, to compare information and leave the readers to form their own opinion of the information.  More…