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Jobs market picks up pace for 2013

Confidence has returned to the UK jobs market, as over a third of workers (39%) set their sights on new roles for 2013 and job opportunities continue to rise year-on-year. This is according to a new report which canvassed the attitudes of 1,500 employers and employees.

The REED 2013 Salary and Market Insight report shows three quarters of workers (74%) feel secure or very secure in their current role. It is this sense of security, coupled with the growth of job opportunities over 2012, which has given the UK’s workforce renewed confidence.

The report also highlighted that 61% of businesses are worried about staff moving on to seek better opportunities, despite the same number of employees saying they are satisfied in their current role. In response to this, businesses have increased the financial rewards given to employees, with staff entertainment up 8%, bonuses up 6% and pay rises up 4%.