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Compensation for snowball injury

A teacher in Germany has been successful in his court bid to have an eye injury received during a snowball fight with pupils classed as a work injury, reports France24.

As a result, he is entitled to the standard compensation payable to employees for work related injuries.

The teacher was hit by snowballs thrown by a group of pupils as he entered the school grounds. He initially just defended himself, but eventually started throwing snowballs back at them. He received an eye injury during the fight that needed an operation, and was off work for a month.

The school board claimed that by throwing snowballs back, the relationship between the man and the boys had changed from that of teacher and pupils to one of ‘equals’, and his injury was  therefore received outwith the scope of his employment.

The court disagreed however, and found in favour of the teacher. According to France24, the school board has the option to appeal.