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Adoption of a new Civil Code

Adoption of a new Civil Code has been widely discussed at the highest state level. In early April the respective draft law N 47538-6 was brought to the State Duma, considered by the deputies and subsequently passed in the first reading.

In the middle of November the deputies refused from the concept of adoption of the new Civil Code as a single document. It was decided to continue its consideration part by part, i.e. in the form that the effective Civil Code now exists.

Therefore, on November 22, 2012 the draft law N 47538-6/1 appeared on the State Duma’s web-site. This draft law contains a number of amendments to the chapters 1-4 of the Part I of the Civil Code. Amendments to the rest of the Civil Code have not been considered yet by the deputies (their consideration is scheduled after adoption of the said amendments). More…