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SCOTUS Decision on the PPACA – Implications for Healthcare Industry Sectors Part I

Yesterday, we talked about the impact of the election on the PPACA, as well as the implications of the PPACA for employers. Today, we’ll delve into the implications for healthcare industry sectors with our final post in the series.

Lynn kicked it off by saying that before we go into each sector individually, she wanted to make an introductory comment. There are people who have asked why did the stock market reach bullish about healthcare stocks following the decision, but then not bullish about it, and whether anything can be read into this. Lynn said that whenever she reads these kinds of articles, she has to laugh, because each company is in their own relationship with entitlement programs and private health insurance, and they have different starting points and are in different states. 

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V. Bernatonis, Counsel of the State: in the arbitration proceedings Gazprom has failed to suspend the investigation of the activities of Lietuvos Dujos

TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE partner Vilius Bernatonis, representing Lithuania in the Arbitration Court in Stockholm, comments on the judgement concerning the right of Lithuania to start an investigation of the activities of Lietuvos Dujos, which was not in breach of the Shareholders’ Agreement, says portal

“One of the fundamental demands by Gazprom was to acknowledge that the State’s actions in initiating an investigation of the activities of Lietuvos Dujos were illegal and infringed the Shareholders’ Agreement. The Russian concern demanded that Lithuania be obliged to stop the investigation of the company’s activities. However, the arbitration has not imposed such an obligation”, V. Bernatonis told BNS.

The full text of the article (in Lithuanian) is available here.

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Barriers to change

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is calling on the government to redesign crash barriers to make them more motorcycle-friendly. While crash barriers have saved the lives of thousands of drivers, hitting a crash barrier is a factor in 8 – 16% of rider deaths.

When they hit a crash barrier, riders are 15 times more likely to be killed than car occupants. In a crash, barrier support posts can worsen injuries by five times.

Most UK crash barriers are designed to protect car drivers and passengers when a car hits a barrier; it will redirect a car away from a hazard and slow it down over a short distance. The car, seat belts and air bags help to minimise injury. For motorcyclists, hitting a crash barrier can mean serious injury or even death as the rider’s body takes the full impact.

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