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Mark F. Miller attends London Olympic Games as World Archery official

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Mark F. Miller

Mark F. Miller

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner Mark F. Miller attended the London Olympic Games as an Executive Board member of World Archery (“WA”) and as chair of the WA Constitution and Rules Committee. WA is the International Governing Body for international archery recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The Executive Board is made up of 14 members from throughout the world. Mr. Miller is the only member from the Western Hemisphere. While the Olympics are under the control of the International Olympic Committee, each sport’s International Federation conducts the event for the IOC.

The Olympic archery competition was held at one of two “heritage” venues at these Games – the historic Lords’ Cricket Grounds. Their primary function is to educate and promote Olympic archery to International Olympic Committee members and the dignitaries who visit. Their other function is to deal with any technical issues which may arise. Some of the VIPs who visited were Princess Anne of Great Britain, Prince Albert of Monaco, the President of Fiji, the Crown Prince of Tonga, IOC President Jacques Rogge, various Ministers, Members of Parliament, key supporters including the president of Hyundai and the President of Kia, and national Olympic committee officials, including those from the USOC.

They would generally have an Executive Board meeting in the morning and then attend the competition. Mr. Miller had other various meetings, as chair, with various WA committees dealing with rule interpretations. In the evening, the Executive Board would attend dinners, one of which was as guests of Archery Great Britain and the United Kingdom Minister of Sport.

As an International Federation Board member, Mr. Miller attended the Opening Ceremonies and could attend any other Olympic competitions.