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Steven N. Malitz and Howard M. Berrington secure win for business minority owners

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Steven N. Malitz

Steven N. Malitz

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Howard M. Berrington

Howard M. Berrington

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner Steven N. Malitz and Of Counsel attorney Howard M. Berrington successfully represented two minority owners in a dispute with the majority owner of a tavern and restaurant. In the case, a majority owner was taking a “management fee,” without permission, out of the company’s account. Under threat of suit and injunction, Mr. Malitz and Mr. Berrington secured a deal for their clients.

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Russian Law Review * May – June 2012

The purpose of the reviews below is to provide the clients of Maxima Consulting and Law and other interested parties with the latest information on basic amendments to the Russian law which may influence their activities or affect their interests in any other way. Opinions and comments provided in these reviews are not legal opinions and do not cancel necessity in special legal advice on certain issues.

The Arbitrazh Procedure Code of the Russian Federation was amended due to the development of summary procedures 

Amendment of the Arbitrazh Procedure Code of the Russian Federation aimed at reducing in timelines for reviewing specific categories of cases. In particular, the list of cases that may and should be reviewed summarily is significantly expanded by law. More…

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Richard L. Rosenbaum quoted on Wayne Treacy case and insanity defense

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Richard L. Rosenbaum

Richard L. Rosenbaum

Arnstein & Lehr Fort Lauderdale Partner Richard L. Rosenbaum was quoted in a July 6 article in The Washington Post, titled “Fla. teen relying on insanity defense in 2010 beating that left brain girl dead.” The article discusses Wayne Treacy’s attack on a teenage girl in 2010, leaving her with permanent brain injuries, and Treacy’s defense claim of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Mr. Rosenbaum comments that few insanity defenses succeed because defendants not only must show a mental illness or defect but also must prove they didn’t know right from wrong. Several top media outlets picked up the article, including Huffpost Miami and The Miami Herald.

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Hal Morris, Jenifer Caracciolo and Julie Meyer secure win for municipal client

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Hal R. Morris

Hal R. Morris

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Jenifer H. Caracciolo

Jenifer H. Caracciolo

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Julie A. Meyer

Julie A. Meyer

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partners Hal R. Morris and Jenifer H. Caracciolo and Chicago Associate Julie A. Meyer secured an important win for one of the firm’s municipal clients. In the case, plaintiff sued our client (village) and one of its police officers for personal injuries allegedly sustained in an automobile accident between a marked squad car and plaintiff. After oral argument, the trial court agreed with our firm’s position and dismissed all claims of negligence with prejudice.

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Jeffrey B. Shapiro quoted in Daily Business Review on law firm finance

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Jeffrey B. Shapiro

Jeffrey B. Shapiro

Arnstein & Lehr Miami Partner Jeffrey B. Shapiro was quoted in a July 16 article in Daily Business Review, titled “Law firm finance: Chasing financial security; South Florida law firm leaders focus on financial strategies that make for long-term success, especially after Dewey & LeBoeuf’s biggest law firm implosion in history.” The article discusses the financial success of the law firm Shutts & Bowen, which recently celebrated its 102nd year in business, and the financial strategy of other firms who have remained operating and profitable. Mr. Shapiro comments on Arnstein & Lehr’s line of credit, which the firm uses to finance lateral hires.

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Hal R. Morris receives teaching award from IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Hal R. Morris

Hal R. Morris

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner Hal R. Morris was awarded an excellence in teaching award from IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law, where he has been on the adjunct faculty as a full adjunct professor of law for twenty years.

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In Lefebvre v. Compagnie d’assurance Wawanessa (rendered on June 22, 2012), the Superior Court condemned the insurer, Wawanesa, to pay an indemnity to its insureds. In this case, the insureds’ residence was damaged in an arson fire.

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Bankruptcy in The Bahamas: A tool that cripples!

Did you know that if a person is owed more than $200.00 and the person against whom judgment is obtained refuses to satisfy this debt, that person can be declared bankrupt? The process by which this can be achieved is called bankruptcy proceedings. Bankruptcy as an enforcement measure is used only as a last resort after other means of enforcement have been exhausted mainly because of its draconian nature. Did you know that being adjudged a bankrupt can cripple a Judgment Debtor? A Judgment Debtor’s business life would be virtually at a standstill until the debtor is able to satisfy his/her indebtedness. This Article is a brief overview of the process involved in declaring a person bankrupt and the consequences that naturally follow. More…

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Joan Disler’s New Article: 5 Hot Benefit Issues This Summer

Joan DislerJoan A. Disler, Cofounder of the Women’s Initiative of Epstein Becker Green, recently wrote a Law360 article on employee benefits, her chief area of practice in her capacity as Chair of the firm’s National Employee Benefits Steering Committee.

The article, “5 Hot Benefit Issues This Summer” (Law360 subscription required), updates reader on the following topics:

  1. Service Providers Fee Disclosures to Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Plans: What Must Be Done Now
  2. Employers Must Distribute Participant-Level Disclosures for Their Defined Contribution Plans by Aug. 30, 2012
  3. Summary of Benefits and Coverage Must Be Issued for Open Enrollments Starting On or After Sept. 23, 2012
  4. Plan Fiduciaries Are Held Liable for Violation of Fiduciary Duties in Tussey Case
  5. Employers Must Be Aware of What It Means to Be a Fiduciary

Also see Joan’s Take 5 newsletter on these topics, available in full from Epstein Becker Green’s website.

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I recently had the opportunity to visit the ruins of Herculaneum, an ancient city near Naples that, like Pompeii, was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuviusin 79 AD.  While we are familiar with the story of the cities which were destroyed, walking though the restored remains of the city brought home to me the fact that disasters, natural or otherwise, can in fact decimate an entire family.  My thoughts then drifted to what would happen if the family that died together were all without wills.  In BC, we would look to the Survivorship and Presumption of Death Act.  It provides that if two or more people die at the same time (or in circumstances that make it uncertain which of them died first) the law presumes that they died in order of the oldest to the youngest. 

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