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Should We Be Using Video?

One of the other sessions that we covered during our LMA recap was about using video. There aren’t many law firms doing it right now (or doing it well, for that matter), and is it really just another fad?

Tim Corcoran says no – video is on the rise, not just on your PCs, but on other devices as well. Buyers are making purchasing decisions emotionally, and then justify these decisions using logic afterwards. Video helps people to connect with you and gives them a sense of loyalty.

A lot of times, we, as marketers, don’t distinguish between marketing and demonstrating expertise. Video can demonstrate this expertise.

Important things to remember include:

  • Keep it short: people only want quick snippets. There can be some value in recording your hour long seminar and posting it online, but for the most part, people’s attention will only be held by videos under five minutes (and ideally no more than three).
  • Create a video CV that you use as an addendum to your posts or client alerts (or even in your email signatures!).
  • You can use video across multiple platforms.
  • Although little cameras these days have come a long way, and can take some great video, there is something to be said for doing video right – get the right people, the right lighting and the right sound for a dynamite finished product.

Is your firm using video yet?