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Multistate Tax: Ohio Commercial Activity Tax and Airline Flight Partners

The Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) is an excise tax for the privilege of doing business in Ohio, which is measured by a person’s taxable gross receipts. It is our understanding the Ohio Department of Taxation is considering applying the CAT to airline flight partners for their flight activity in Ohio.

The Department has trained more than 70 auditors in auditing for CAT and have been aggressively pursuing audit leads. There is a substantial risk that airline flight partners could be audited.

These businesses should analyze their activity in Ohio to determine what the potential exposure could be if the CAT is applied to them. Businesses will need to consider the impact of the 47 exclusions and the proper situsing of their gross receipts when determining such exposure.

Our Multistate Tax professionals are very experienced with assisting companies in understanding the complicated CAT statutes, rules and information releases and helping quantify potential exposure. Further, our Multistate Tax professionals are very experienced with conducting and defending CAT audits if a business has already been contacted.

Does a business just have to wait to be contacted by the Department?

No, businesses can be proactive in addressing this issue in three ways:

  • General Amnesty—Businesses could apply for general amnesty (May 1, 2012 through June 15, 2012, see Multistate Tax Services Alert for more detail) and remit the tax liability for all open years plus one-half of the normal interest (no penalty would apply);
  • Voluntary Disclosure—Businesses could apply for a voluntary disclosure agreement and remit the past three years plus full interest (no penalty would apply) [we can assist clients with determining if Amnesty or Voluntary Disclosure is the better option]; or
  • Managed Audit—Businesses could request a managed audit from the Department’s Audit Division and remit the tax liability plus full interest for the audit period, which is typically two years for registered taxpayers (no penalty would apply). While there is no formal managed audit program for CAT purposes, the Department may be willing to discuss this approach. This type of audit involves the Department and the client planning the audit together and allows the client to complete part of the actual work, which minimizes the involvement of the Department in the audit process. Clients are often more comfortable with this audit approach and feel more in control of the audit.

If you would like to discuss this CAT issue or how McDonald Hopkins can help assist you with resolving any potential CAT liability, please contact:

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