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Property management in the recession – a landlord’s perspective

Following our recent seminar on property management in the recession, this article outlines some of the key points as a reminder to landlords that proactive management can be very beneficial. The seminar highlighted many issues that Alison Mould and Jonathan Hibberts, partners in the firm’s property litigation department, have experienced on a day to day basis when acting for landlords, and the seminar reminded landlord clients of some often unused weapons in any landlord’s armoury. The highlights of the seminar were as follows:

Tenant arrears

Statutory demands were thought to be preferable to the more lengthy and often more costly county court proceedings. If a property is sublet then landlords should not forget their ability to rely on section 6 of the Law of Distress (Amendment) Act 1908 and, if the current tenant is an assignee, then landlords were reminded that notices under section 17 of the Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995 must be served within six months of a debt falling due, failing which an assignor or an assignor’s guarantor could totally avoid liability for a fixed sum. More…