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Rainmaking Recommendation from Jaimie Field: The Sweetest Sound

It has been an unusually busy month of travel for me here at the ILN – I did the calculation the other day and realized that by next Tuesday, I will have flown 32,346 miles in 34 days.


So I’m gratefully bringing you another excellent rainmaking recommendation from expert Jaimie Field while I’m circling the globe again – and Jaimie’s writing on something that’s near and dear to my heart: getting a person’s name right. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been addressed as “Lindsey” by someone looking to do business with me, when the correct spelling is part of my email address. And don’t get me started on people who think my name is Wendy! 

But without further ado…

“Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” – Dale Carnegie

Rarely do people spell my name correctly. Even more aggravating to me is that I am constantly getting correspondence addressed to Mr. Jamie Field (note incorrect gender AND incorrect spelling).

While I no longer get bothered by either of these issues, if you are trying to sell me something, I am less likely to be interested in what it is since you have not taken the time to address me properly.
However, I will say that I am always pleasantly surprised when I receive an email or letter from someone who has spelled my name correctly. The fact is that I have many friends who, for decades, who still don’t spell my name right.


As the Dale Carnegie quote above states, a “person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound (and I will add sight) in any language”. Not only are there a lot of unusual names out there, including hard-to pronounce surnames from various countries, but there are variations on spellings for many typical names (like mine).

Learn people’s names, spell them correctly, say them correctly – even if you have to ask, them how to
pronounce it the first time. You will find that people whose names are often butchered will be extremely grateful that you took the time to learn this.

P.S: In the spirit of full disclosure, I sometimes also make mistakes but always try to correct it immediately.

P.P.S.: By the way the correct spelling of my name is J A I M I E

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