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My Favorite Blogs

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of co-presenting a webinar with Kevin O’Keefe on Blogging Basics.  During the call, I mentioned a couple of blogs that I recommend, and I thought I’d share my full list here, as well as my notes about each!

  • Corcoran’s Business of Law Blog: Tim’s blog makes me a better marketer, because he’s always making me think and challenging me to keep an open mind.
  • The Legal Shakeup: Rebecca Wissler and Laura Gutierrez author this blog, which offers stories and advice from two rising stars in the legal marketing industry.
  • Myrland Marketing: This is Nancy Myrland’s blog, where she offers marketing advice to the legal community, with a social media focus.
  • The Legal Watercooler: This is one of the first legal blogs I followed, and it’s still my go-to source for inspiration. Heather Morse does an excellent job of balancing blog voice and personality with the issues that lawyers and legal marketers face.
  • Cordell Parvin Blog: Rainmaking coach and former lawyer, Cordell Parvin, offers actionable & effective tips for business development.
  • Real Lawyers Have Blogs: This is another favorite of mine – Kevin doesn’t hold back his opinion on social media and its benefits to the legal industry. Great information.
  • The [non]billable Hour: Matt Homann’s blog offers unique tips to break lawyers out of a rut – often bold, but always useful.
  • opinionehted: This isn’t a legal blog, but it’s a collection of bloggers from around the world, talking about lots of lots of different subjects – it’s a great example of a collaborative blog. Many of the topics are thought-provoking, some are controversial, and there are lots of great posts.
  • The Matte Pad: Marketing advice for the legal industry from Max Advertising – there’s a lot of great content in here.