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Labor: Developing formal orientation programs for new employees

Arnstein & Lehr attorney E. Jason Tremblay

E. Jason Tremblay

Orientation programs help to maximize employees’ commitment to the company.

To the extent you believe there is any relationship between an employee’s commitment to the company and the company’s performance, a new employee orientation program is an excellent first step in maximizing that correlation and getting the most from your employees.

Generally, and particularly in this competitive work environment, many employers feel that they do not have time to properly orientate new employees. And, if they do have the time, they feel as if the costs of such a program are outweighed by the possible benefits.

However, this sends a bad message to the employee from day one. An orientation program can communicate to new employees the values, beliefs, culture and history of the company, all of which can foster the desire for new employees to be committed to the company and its operations.

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