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ILN Marketing Roundtable: What has been your greatest social media success?

This afternoon, we released the publication of our ILN Marketing Specialty Group’s Social Media Roundtable.  If you’d like to read the roundtable in full, you can find it here.  However, I thought it might be interesting to examine each of the questions and their responses through Zen, and invite our readers to contribute their own thoughts to the discussion!

The first question we posed was “What has been your greatest social media success?” 

Simone Fell: Our lawyers operate Megawatt (a Renewable Energy blog), The Legalist (a blog hosted on BC Business’s site and focused on employment issues), the Canadian Trademark law blog (IP issues) and BCBlawg (business and IP litigation, run by one of our associates). We are also starting up an Estates & Trusts blog within the next few weeks. The firm has LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook and Google Plus accounts. We still have a long way to go in building our social media presence, but a number of bloggers and journalists are connected to us through these vehicles and have approached us for commentary or republished our posts/tweets. Links to some of our blogs are featured as ‘resources’ on different industry sites. This has definitely raised the profile of certain individuals, increased the number of subscribers to our newsletters and improved SEO by driving traffic to our main website. 

John Buchanan: Probably blogs. Even though we only have one blog currently (a former associate started a blog that was so successful that he left the firm to be a consultant to the mortgage insurance industry), blogs, I think, can be a great way to provide useful content to current clients and todemonstrate depth of knowledge and experience in a way that’s different from your typical marketing materials. We’ve also found that reporters are using bloggers more and more as sources for stories – so blogs can be an important component of your strategic media relations program.

Jeffrey Hild: I believe our General Counselor blog has been an excellent first blog for our firm. General Counselor is an employment law blog for in-house attorneys, business owners and executives with special attention to Illinois employment law. The blog is maintained by attorneys within our Labor & Employment Law practice group. We have also been quite pleased with the RSS feed submission techniques we have employed to optimize our Web site with search engines and drive traffic to our site.
Miriam Hackmey & Kobie Refaeli: Our Labor Law department owns and operates a very active
Linkedin group under the title “Labor Law Israel“. The group was created about a year ago and now has 368 members. The platform is being used to promote the Firm’s expertise in this field and enables the department to circulate news and updates to targeted audience without having to
overcome anti-spam restrictions. Additionally, we already held two professional meetings to which we invited the group members. These meeting were a great success. Based on the success of the Labor Law group, our Firm recently created another group in the field of Internet and Computer Law. Another use of social media is the Events platform available through Linkedin by which we can circulate various events held by the Firm.
McDonald Hopkins: Launching and managing all of our social media channels would be considered our greatest success. We actively participate and post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and we have just launched a Labor and Employment blog. With so many different channels, we have been able to keep our messaging consistent as well as post useful information to our followers, fans, clients, and groups.
Thanks so much to all of our respondents for their valuable comments. What has been your firm’s greatest social media success?