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Lidings’ partner elected to the disciplinary board of Russian-Turkish Businessmen Association

Partner and Head of Turkish Desk at Lidings Ugur Boyacioglu has been elected a member of the disciplinary board of the largest business network of the two countries – the Russian-Turkish Businessmen Association (RTIB).

Since 2007 Ugur Boyacioglu has headed Lidings Turkish Desk, a unique subdivision at Lidings dedicated to providing specialist legal advice to Turkish businesses and supporting their operations in Russia. Shortly after his joining the partnership in 2011 Mr. Boyacioglu’s work and his invaluable contribution to the development of Turkish business in Russia received high praise of RTIB’s management council which allowed him to become a member of its disciplinary board at the latest elections.

“I am deeply grateful for the trust bestowed upon me with the appointment to the disciplinary board of Russian-Turkish Businessmen Association, a leading organization which unites Turkish businesses in Russia. During my election term from 2011 to 2013 I will be making the most of my professional experience in the field of legal support gained while working as Head of Turkish Desk at Lidings”, Mr. Boyacioglu commented.

RTIB is the largest and most powerful Turkish business network in Russia. The Association was established in 1997 and counts more than 250 members including such prominent companies as Efes, Beko, Vestel and many others.  Today, the Turkish business investment in Russia exceeds US$8 billion, and the presence of Turkish companies in the market is actively growing. The Turkish government expects to achieve a trade volume of US$100 billion in the future.

Currently Lidings is the most well-recognized law firm within the Turkish business community in Russia. Over 20% of the firm’s clients are Turkish companies representing various industry sectors: construction, banking, retail, energy, heavy industry and international transportation.