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Tip for Tuesday – Content Publishing

You may have noticed a lack of posting here lately – I’ve been waiting for Facebook to roll out their changes before going ahead with additional how-to’s. I don’t want to be obsolete too quickly! But I will be back this week with a re-cap of our corporate break out session at our recent European Regional Meeting.

In the meantime, I do have a tip for Tuesday, and it’s about publishing content to your website.

Firms, I know many of you have your marketing departments handling this, and there’s something I’ve noticed with the syndicated content I get from our member firms…bunches of articles are published at the same time.  

Now, I know this is easier, but it results in a lack of readership – how do I know that? Because when I see a bunch of articles or blog posts published within a span of a few minutes, I’m less likely to read them. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Since my guess is that these are scheduled uploads for the most part, please make sure to schedule them in a more staggered way.  It will ensure that people pay greater attention to your content!  Since your attorneys are taking the time to develop this content (though admittedly, some of it is press releases and firm news), it’s worth making sure that it has the best chance of being read.  Don’t irritate your audience by overwhelming them with articles.