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Lewis Rice Attorneys Named Best Lawyers

We are proud to announce that thirty St. Louis-based Lewis Rice attorneys have been named to the 2012 Best Lawyers in America® annual list: John C. Bodnar, Brian D. Bouquet, Jonathan F. Dalton, Steven C. Drapekin, Thomas C. Erb, William J. Falk, John M. Hessel, Frank B. Janoski, Rosemarie M. Karcher, Benjamin A. Lipman, Matthew J. Madsen, Joseph E. Martineau, Tracy Mathis, Marian V. Mehan, Jaime R. Mendez, Michael D. Mulligan, Larry E. Parres, Catherine R. Phillips, John K. Pruellage, Jacob W. Reby, John J. Riffle, Albert S. Rose, Andrew Rothschild, Barry A. Short, Gary M. Smith, Joseph J. Trad, Richard B. Walsh, Jr., Lawrence H. Weltman, Joseph H. Weyhrich and Tom W. Zook.

This marks the first year Joseph J. Trad has made the list, while William J. Falk, Tracy Mathis, Marian V. Mehan, Michael D. Mulligan and Lawrence H. Weltman have each been Best Lawyers for more than 15 years.

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