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BC Government Report on its BC Hydro Review

Today, the British Columbia government released its report on its review of BC Hydro. The comprehensive report is written by a government appointed review panel which was devised in response to a proposed 32% electricity rate increase over three years.

The report provides 56 recommendations to BC Hydro and mostly addresses the internal operations of BC Hydro, but also touches on current and past BC energy policy and its impact on BC Hydro operations.

The report does not directly address the future of the BC clean energy industry, but if you read between the lines, the report does offer some nuggets of information that impacts independent power producers and clean energy enthusiasts (the self-sufficiency review and reliance on imported power is an example on pages 92-93).

As the Province moves forward in the 21st century, partnerships between power purchasers, producers, first nations and other stakeholders are critical. I see the Government report adding valuable insight to the ongoing discussion on how British Columbia can best meet the economic, environmental and community goals in building a clean energy future in the Province of British Columbia.