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Rachel Yaffe was featured in "Business Opportunity for Radiologists: On-Site Employee Health Clinics," published by RBMA

Rachel Yaffe was featured in “Business Opportunity for Radiologists: On-Site Employee Health Clinics,” published by RBMA

Business Opportunity for Radiologists: On-Site Employee Health Clinics
By: Rachel Yaffe

Wouldn’t it be nice if employees could receive MRI scans on-site at their places of work? In fact, an increasing number of large, mid-size and small companies across the United States are offering various levels of on-site primary care and specialty services to their employees (some even offering healthcare services to dependants as well). According to a 2010 survey conducted by Mercer consulting firm, 15% of employers with 500 or more employees provided health clinics on-location. An additional 10% of employers with more than 500 employees stated that they were considering offering on-site health clinics for their employees in the upcoming year. It is anticipated that employer-sponsored, on-location healthcare will be commonplace for companies of all sizes and industries over the next ten years.

Typically, the size of the company will dictate the medical services offered. The larger the employer, the greater the variety of on-site services offered. Smaller employers may offer primary care services such as physical exams and standard laboratory tests by physicians and/or physician extenders (e.g., nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses); larger employers may additionally offer specialty services like radiology and on-site imaging. The company’s business industry may also dictate the types of healthcare services offered at the employer’s office.

Get involved! Radiologists can serve as key players in the on-site clinic environment. In fact, many individual radiologists and radiology practices have already developed relationships with companies offering on-site radiology-related services to their employees. There are two main ways to structure the relationship with on-site clinics:

  • Employment or retention arrangements (e.g., independent contractor) directly by the employer-company; or
  • Engagement by a third party company that staffs on-site clinics or provides mobile clinics at employer-company locations.

If you are a radiologist or radiology practice contemplating involvement with an on-site clinic, be sure to consult a healthcare attorney to ensure the relationship complies with applicable federal and state laws. For example, many states recognize the corporate practice of medicine doctrine. The corporate practice of medicine doctrine prohibits non-professional or non-medical entities from employing physicians and would prohibit the arrangement described in option #1 above.

On-location medical services is a relatively simple and seamless transition from traditional hospital- or office-based medicine for many providers, and radiology is no exception. If you are not already involved in on-site medicine, this is the time to capture this growing business opportunity.

Reprinted with permission from RBMA RadCast July 2011 issue.