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OSHA Launches Website to Assist Employers with Recordkeeping

By: Betsy Johnson

The Department of Labor (DOL) is becoming increasingly “tech” savvy since Hilda Solis became the Secretary of Labor.  Recently, the DOL’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched a website to assist employers in fulfilling their recordkeeping and reporting obligations under federal law.  The link to the OSHA Advisor is: http://www.dol.gov/elaws/osharecordkeeping.htm

The OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor is intended to help employers determine:

  • Whether an injury or illness (or related event) is work-related
  • Whether an event or exposure at home or on travel is work-related
  • Whether an exception applies to the injury or illness
  • Whether a work-related injury or illness needs to be recorded
  • Which provisions of the regulations apply when recording a work-related case

The tool is web-based and interactive.  However, any information provided by employers  while using the tool is not saved by or sent to the DOL.   While the tool can provide some basic assistance in understanding OSHA’s recordkeeping requirements, given the significant fines and penalties that employers face for OSHA violations, employers should consult with their OSHA advisor and not rely solely on the information obtained from the OSHA Advisor.