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Lawyers and the Blackberry Playbook

With my readers permission, today I´ll briefly address a different topic. Rather than analyzing a legal issue in my country, I´ll talk about a new gadget I got. Since early May, I´ve been using and exploring the Blackberry Playbook.

Much to my liking the Playbook has turned out an excellent choice for my line of work (when comparing it with my wife´s Ipad), considering I´m also a Blackberry phone user. The power combination of the Playbook and the phone, with the Bridge software is great for managing my emails, tasks, calendar and BB Messenger from the Playbook (of course, if I have the phone within reach).

One of the things everybody was saying about this first generation of Playbook is that it only works efficiently where there is a wi-fi connection, because it can´t be used with 3G. That is true to some extent. My solution is quite simple: whenever I need internet access for any of my apps and there isn´t wi-fi (let´s be honest: there are just a few places with no wifi) I use my phone internet to access it from the Playbook, using the internet tethering option of the phone.

The only thing that is preventing the Playbook from being the perfect work instrument is the lack of applications at the moment. I´ve been using several applications both for personal and professional use, that are working nicely. From news feeds, to social media apps, to calendars, to weather and of course, for the delight of my 6 yr old, a lot of games (most of which are exclusively for him). For my work, I´ve found a couple of time tracking and billing apps that are nice, although I wish there were more available.

I´m sure more and more apps will be available each day and hopefully some of them will be for lawyers and law firm. Nevertheless, the real purpose of this post is: do you have any Playbook apps you wish to recommend?