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Halsbury Chambers Bulletin – Employment Law

So you’ve lost your job… What next?

Seek counseling. Talk it out! Don’tincubate. You have been cut loseand naturally, it hurts. You probablyhave a million things swirlingin your mind. Right now, all thatyou can think about are all thoseyears and tears that you sacrificedat the altar of employment only tobe cut loose at the whim of someoneelse’s discretion! This may be adifficult proposition, but do not takedramatic or hasty action. Talk tosomeone you trust; maybe a pastor, a parent, a close friend, arepresentative from Social Services or other Counselor. In fact,many companies have an Employee Assistance Program designedto assist recently terminated employees with coming togrips to life’s challenges. There is even DIAL A PRAYER!The important thing is just to find someone to talk to.

To see the full Bulletin, please click the following link, HC’s Bulletin- Employment 101 – June 2011 for the PDF.