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ILN IP Luncheon – It’s All About Relationships

Today, we held our annual luncheon at the INTA conference for ILN members. I always enjoy this lunch because I get to meet and reconnect with attorneys who are not necessarily attendees of our Regional and Annual Meetings.

We had a wonderful lunch again today at One Market Restaurant here in San Francisco, with great company and conversations.  The attorneys also agreed, some of them saying that they so appreciated something more intimate than some of the huge parties that take place at INTA.  They said that it’s not easy to get to know people when you just smile at them and exchange business cards, but don’t have an actual conversation.

With so many attorneys attending this conference (I’ve heard it’s over 8,000, and that’s not including those who are in town just to network who didn’t register to attend the conference), it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.  So it was great to take a breather, spend a few hours together talking and connecting and renewing and establishing relationships.